[Review] RUB-A-DUM – TRI.BE

Next up is a review for a group that debuted in February of this year and (gasps!) a group that I actually reviewed before (check out their debut single DOOM DOOM TA and my review for their debut). TRI.BE made their first comeback since their debut with RUB-A-DUM mid-May. Since then, the music video for RUB-A-DUM has garnered almost 12 million views, which is a remarkable feat for a rookie group from an agency that isn’t that well-known. This is also just under double the amount of views their debut music video got! Amazing! it is definitely a sign that this group is garnering interest, which is definitely what a rookie wants to do in such a competitive industry. Let’s see what TRI.BE’s new track has to offer.

RUB-A-DUM is a very energetic and fun track. That was my initial impression of the song when it was first released (hard to forget such a song like this, for reasons that will become apparent) and it still forms part of my impression now. Currently, not only do I find RUB-A-DUM energetic and fun, I also find it overwhelmingly so. The song is a bit much. I am not one to be overwhelmed that easily. But I reckon RUB-A-DUM could have been toned back a bit and it still would have been as energetic and fun. Moderation, as they all say. There was also a lot going in the song, especially in the body. And I feel this is a main reason to why I feel that the producers of RUB-A-DUM could have toned it back. It would have made everything a lot more enjoyable and less overwhelming. So what do we get in RUB-A-DUM? Well, you get this Middle-Eastern influence in the instrumentation. I am assuming the high pitch whistling/flute we get is also a Middle-Eastern influence, though it was carried over to be a centerpiece in the instrumentation. We also get some deep bass, giving the song some depth and channels some energy. In addition, we get a bit of a pop melody for the chorus, a sudden move from chorus to the second verse with no break, and a slowdown to let us to listen to smooth vocals, before returning with the pre-chorus, But wait there is more. What was supposed to be the second chorus was replaced with lighter vocals and less harsh raps in which all the members participated in (I assume is the bridge), before the second chorus kicks in to end the song. If you think all of the above is a bit much, well, join the club. It is quite a mess and I also wish the producers of the song really cleaned it up to make it more inviting to listen to. On a more positive note, all those elements above are actually quite good on their own. RUB-A-DUM also features good vocals and rapping from the members, and the energy that comes off the combination of Middle-Eastern influences and that deep bass is quite prolific and powerful. But a neater and cohesive track would have been better and still would have retained that fun impression that you get when you listen to RUB-A-DUM.

The members of TRI.BE just continually multiply in this music video. First there is just the group. Another another copy of the group appears. Then we see three, four and fives times the same member. By the end of the video, we see 98 of them. Needless to say, it is a freaky video. The concept of the spaceship from their DOOM DOOM TA music video appears here, which is the cause of how the members multiply, zapping them into existence as we see at one point in the music. Other than the freaky generation of TRI.BE, we get a well put together music video that compliments the music and looks good as well.

The choreography for this comeback has this hip-hop style to it, whilst also bringing out the fun vibes of the song. There is also a playful energy to it, which makes it really appealing to watch. I really like the crab bounce they do during the chorus. I also really like the ending, when they make that ring with their thumbs and fist around on the members. It would have been cool for the move to be dynamic, with a different member in the centre at the end of each performance.

Song – 6.5/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 7.2/10

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