[Review] Breathe Again – BLITZERS

Another group to make their debut this year is BLITZERS, debuting mid-May with Breathe Again. The group is currently under WUZO Entertainment, and consist of seven members (Go-U, Juhan, Jinhwa, Sya, Chris, Lutan and Wooju). Prior to their debut in May, the group has been active with pre-debut singles in 2020 (title of these songs were BLITZ and Drawing Paper, and both of which were re-released on the group’s first mini-album). Back then, the group was vastly different and were known as WUZOCIRCLE. Now that the group has officially debuted, it is time to check out their title track, Breathe Again, which is featured on their Check In (their first mini-album).

Out of all the debuts/comebacks I have reviewed on the blog this weekend, Breathe Again is probably my favourite release of all. It is also the release and group with the most promise, from my point of view. What is really great about Breathe Again is that it is very exciting, which is thanks to the rock elements that are present in the instrumentation. There is a lot of bursts of energy and continuing momentum that makes Breathe Again extremely likable. I will admit the opening seconds of the song was a bit meh, but it did enable a great launch into the rock elements of Breathe Again. In addition to the rock instrumentation, the group also had a hand in amping up the song with their strong vocals and powerful rapping, keeping the song dynamic on many fronts. I quite like this. Not only did the song attract my attention, but it really sold the members’ skillset. This is a really good impression to leave on a listener (not just myself) and it gets me excited for their future works! The chorus is dynamic due to the combination of the vocals and rock instrumentation. But it unfortunately lacks a robust hook to drive the memorability factor up. What we got were powerful backing vocals and electronically muffled rapping. While it was good enough, I did think that Breathe Again would have benefited greatly had it had that addictive hook. Then, it easily would have slipped into the 10/10 region. The bridge slows down before we are launched back into the rock elements. Bridging the slowdown and the final chorus is this very memorable head-banging moment with the repetition of the ‘We Breathe Again‘. It was perfectly executed and brought in at the right time to really allow the song to hit the home stretch and wrap up. And as you you can tell, it is my pick for the song’s highlight. Overall, Breathe Again ticks all the boxes for a debut song and I do look forward to what is to come out next as part of BLITZER’s discography. However, it doesn’t salsify all boxes in being the ideal song.

The music video for this release is appropriately edgy, which compliments the rock sound. I am a bit unsure if the group is leading a rebellion or just making themselves known. It seems like a lot of work for the latter, but we didn’t actually see the former happening. Other than the plot, the settings chosen for this video were really good, matching up with the edgy feel. I particularly liked how they took it to that mining site. Even though there was a lot of dirt and brown to this selection, they went all out in this setting. The use of pyrotechnics and their hoodie outfits gave the video an additional cool feel. And the cinematography made this video even more breathtaking. Overall, a good video.

I liked how they channeled the edgy vibes of the song into the choreography. They also did a good job of channeling the energy of the song. To me, the best part of the choreography is when they pull their hoodies over their heads at the start of the chorus. It is different, but gave off that edgy feel in a matter of seconds. The flip at the start and the human staircase were also memorable moments in the choreography.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.7/10

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