Today and tomorrow’s reviews will be focused on groups or artists that are not as well known and had released music throughout December 2021 or January 2022. This is a great opportunity to do so, given the slow week. First up is BLITZERS, a group who I reviewed their debut track but had forgtten about their existence until earlier this year. For those who may still be unfamiliar with this group, BLITZERS is a seven member male group who debuted in 2021 under Wuzo Entertainment with Breathe Again (May 2021), and subsequently made a comeback last year with Will Make a Mistake (October 2021). The group’s lineup consist of members Junhan, Jinhwa, Sya, Lutan, Wooju, Go_U and Chris. This review will focus on their early 2022 / January 3 release, BOBBIN.

BOBBIN continues the rock sound that the group had channeled from their first day. BOBBIN seems to take a more loaded approach, with a bolstering instrumental that really gets the energy pumping. I really enjoyed this song’s rock instrumentation, simply because it was amped up to a very satisfying degree, didn’t hold back, had a great electrifying energy. It was also quite abrasive, rough and grungy, which made it even better! To compliment these stylistic choices, BOBBIN opts for autotuned vocals and rapping. Some of it was very fitting for the rock style, like some of the yelling we get in the verses, chorus and the vocal parts in the bridge, and I have no issue with this. It roughens up their delivery, which works with the broader picture that is BOBBIN. However, some parts were a bit too autotuned. A good example is the final few lines in the pre-chorus. It felt a bit much and stuck out for me for the wrong reasons. As for the hooks for the song, I didn’t think they were as memorable as they could be. They were decent at best. Maybe roughening up the vocals and the abrasive nature of the instrumental took away from this. Despite those elements though, I am sure they could have gone with a bolder and more memorable hook, so that it gives me even more reasons to revisit BOBBIN.

The music video was pretty simple, which allowed the music to do more of the speaking for this release. I liked this approach. In my mind, the music compensates for the simplicity of the video. The setup of the messy wires around the choreography area was pretty cool and fitting for the rock sound as well. It also felt a bit industrial at the same time. I did wish there was more to the video in terms of sets and such to make it a bit more dynamic. I think there was two sets in total for this music video, and the colour palette was a bit one-dimensional and cliché. Additional sets would have worked, or different lighting would have been fine. It isn’t the dynamic type that I am usually after, but it would have made the video worth going back to.

I really appreciate that the group did the performances for this comeback with live vocals. Unfortunately, I feel that the actual choreography was lackluster and didn’t really encapsulate the energy from the song. This makes the performance disappointing to watch, even though live vocals were on display.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7.5/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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