[Review] See You Again – Han Seung Woo (VICTON)

The next review is for Han Seung Woo’s solo comeback from two weeks ago. VICTON’s lead vocalist, rapper and dancer returned with See You Again, a song fitting for his final comeback before his military enlistment later this month. It is featured on his second mini-album, Fade, which dropped on the same day as the music video release. This is the first time seeing Han Seung Woo since his promotions with the rest of his group for What I Said and Voice: The Future Is Now, and his solo debut back in August of last year (Sacrifice off his solo mini-album debut, Fame).

See You Again is a stunning ballad. Every time I have heard the song since its release two weeks ago, I am blown away with how captivating and riveting the ballad is. Now, I may be easily swayed by ballads. But this song didn’t need an ounce of convincing whatsoever. See You Again is beautifully instrumented with a one instrument, the humble piano. I was expecting strings to come in (which is my favourite type of instruments when it comes to classical instrumentation), but that never appeared. Instead, my expectation for strings lead me to listening to the entirety of See You Again. And from there, it was carried away by the gracefulness of the piano in this song. I really liked how prominent the piano was in the chorus. This prominence or boldness allowed for us to differentiate between verse and chorus, and also fill in the gaps where other instrumentation would usually have been used to help build the song’s momentum. On top of that, the piano also compliments the other half of the song, Han Seung Woo’s vocals. I could hear the heart-wrenching emotion behind his voice. And the powerful tone he uses for the chorus just makes the song stand out so well. In See You Again, he sings about the memories he has and the desire to reunite, which is fitting as both a song dedicated to a lover or his fans, to whom he will be saying good bye to for approximately two years. The melodies for the song are flowy but grounded at the same time to really allow Han Seung Woo to deliver a beautiful piece of music. Overall, See You Again shines because of its simplicity and Han Seung Woo’s effective delivery of vocals.

The music video for this release hits the brief. It is a rather muted music video, with a teal-grey colour palette being the main sources of colour for this video which also sets the tone of the video. I also like how the video was quite simple. The sets or locations were not overcrowded or overrun with props. Rather, they were empty, representing the departing and packed away memories. This is one of the common denominator of the three scenes (the emptying apartment, the grassy shots and the beach). The second common denominator is the piano, which was carried throughout each of the three scenes. It was the primary prop of the video. I liked how this complimented See You Again, given that piano was the only instrument in the song. And the third common denominator is Han Seung Woo himself, who was heartbroken and emotional throughout the video, helping to keep that theme and idea alive throughout the three locations the music video was set in.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 10/10

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