Next up on the randomly selected reviewing block is BDC, who returned two weeks ago as well. Their new single is titled MOONLIGHT. The trio wraps up their Intersection trilogy (made up with the singles SHOOT THE MOON and Moon Rider and MOONLIGHT) with this release and the mini-album The Intersection: Contact. Based on my past reviews, I have high expectations for MOONLIGHT and their subsequent comebacks that follow this release. While we can’t tell the future with their future comebacks, let’s have a closer listen to MOONLIGHT to see whether it hits the mark or not.

While their previous releases as part of this trilogy have been more hard-hitting, MOONLIGHT takes on a softer profile. That doesn’t say that MOONLIGHT is any way inferior. Rather, it stands out thanks to its retro-inspired 80s sound, which I really liked. It isn’t the most innovative use of synths, as we have heard of 80s styled music in KPOP before. But MOONLIGHT seems to be the first release in a while that pays respect from start to end to that specific era of synth music. I particularly liked the lead in to this track, with that ethereal and atmospheric start, giving off a vibe that feels slightly explorational and out of this world, which in turn fits in nicely with their ‘Moon’ themed comebacks that formed part of the trilogy. I also enjoyed the use of synthesizer for MOONLIGHT‘s dance break following the first chorus. I would have liked to see an extended sequence somewhere else in the track. When it comes to the vocals, I thought BDC did a pretty good job. There were soft and smooth when the instrumental was lead down that path (pre-chorus and bridge), but harsher and louder during the more prominent parts of the song (i.e. the chorus). I felt the rapping to be rather plain and didn’t offer anything new compared to other releases. Hence, it was the weakest part of the song. Overall, MOONLIGHT was a really good track. I liked their spin from their previous singles, keeping their discography fresh and inviting to those who are willing to give the trio a try.

I really liked the start of the music video, with those different flashes of images and the focus on circular shapes that resembles the roundness of the moon. I can’t remember from the top of my head, but I wonder if they are elements from their previous music videos? If not, then what do they mean? Interestingly, these inserts and flashes appear up until the first chorus. They do however make a very brief re-appearance at the end of the bridge. I wonder what the reasoning of this is. Aside from that imagery, I really like the simplicity of the music video. The members performed in front of a white screen and used coloured lights to change up the setting. I also really like their style in this music video, especially those pastel coloured suits. Very well fitted for the music video.

I liked the smoothness of the choreography during the softer parts of the song (i.e. the verses), while also enjoying the routine’s sharper moves during the chorus. The contrast was very strong, but very aesthetic. I liked their use of the microphone stands and their subtle incorporation of circles in the choreography, as well.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Performance – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10

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