[Album Review] Advice (3rd Mini Album) – Taemin (SHINee)

The next album to be on the reviewing block is Advice, Taemin’s third mini-album, which was released at the end of May of this year. The title track for the album shares the same name with the album itself. This release is particularly important as it is the artist’s last solo release for a while. For those who may have missed the news, Taemin recently enlisted into the military, as like every other Korean male citizen. While we might not be able to see for him in the next two years or so, we have gotten a lot of Taemin this year already. Prior to this solo comeback, we also saw Taemin participate in SHINee’s promotions of Don’t Call Me and Atlantis, their first promotion as a group since 2018. SuperM (the other group he is also a part of) also released a single earlier this year, as well. And he managed to slip in a solo comeback before enlisting? He definitely spoiled his fans. All the best for military enlistment and see you in two years or so Taemin!

Advice Album Cover

1. Advice (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Advice. (7/10)

2. Light – Following the title track is another very Taemin-esque song. The song starts off with this groovy and sensual vibe, which screams out all things Taemin for me. But as the song progresses, Light develops more into a R&B synth track and maintains that grooviness. I would have liked to hear the sensual nature of the start be maintained as well. But I guess we cannot have it all. Taemin’s vocals are very prominent in the song as well. My favourite bit is the bridge of the song. I really enjoyed the aesthetics that the bridge and how it slowed down the song without stopping the momentum of Light. I really appreciate that. (8/10)

3. If I Could Tell You (ft. Taeyeon from SNSD)If I Could Tell You stays within the R&B realm of music, but also features a bubbly synth instrumentation that was moody and definitely sleek. The song also features the likes of Taeyeon (who also recently returned to the KPOP scene with Weekend). I really like both Taemin and Taeyeon’s vocals in this song, particularly that really fast delivery of lyrics in the verses. It was a memorable part and definitely gave the song a bit of a wow factor. Unfortunately, the song sounded a bit repetitive by the time it reached the pairs duet. But overall, still an enjoyable song. (8/10)

4. Strings – Aesthetics continue with Strings. To me, Strings is definitely on a whole different level compared to the rest of the album. I really like the guitar work at the start of the song, giving Strings is moody vibe. The pace and that really brief humming synth we hear is really creates a dark atmosphere. The song progresses more into a R&B track once we get into chorus territory. The bass in the chorus continues that darkness from earlier in the song in such a satisfying manner. The presence of the female backing vocals gave a great impression of depth and added an extra bit of appeal to the song. Overall, my favourite side track on the album. (10/10)

5. Sad Kids – Ending the album is Sad Kids, which is a continuation of 2 KIDS, which was a pre-release track last year and re-released as part of Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1. When it comes to the song’s instrumental, Sad Kids is rather simple. It is a mid-tempo pop track that comes to life thanks to the guitar work. It is a blissful and uplifting song, but with a lot of emotional weight coming through via Taemin’s vocals. I liked how he found a balance that didn’t make this song come off as a ballad. A really nice ender that makes me want more from the artist. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.4/10

Advice Album Cover

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