[Weekly Chart] 3rd Week of July 2021

Apologies for the delay posting this and also the lack of reviews this week. I was busy on Sunday and only managed to get the album review out (as I am still very behind on those). I had a job interview on Tuesday, so I spent Monday night preparing for it. And the interview plus work drained my energy on yesterday, so I spent the entire evening sleeping after dinner (didn’t wake up until 2 am in the morning). But with some energy, I thought I share with you the Weekly KPOP Chart post for the 3rd Week of July 2021. As it is a late one, it will be a very quick one. Reviews will resume tomorrow night!

The Chart

Congratulations once again to SEVENTEEN, who has topped the charts with Ready To Love for the second week! Last week was a particular slow week (i.e. I only entered in two new songs), so you will see that a lot of ‘older’ songs jump up the charts last week. For more of the charts, scroll down below.

2nd Week of July 202118th Jul – 24th Jul 2021
1Ready To LoveSEVENTEEN(▲ 7)
2Hello FutureNCT DREAM(=)
30X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)TXT ft. Seori(▲ 20)
4Mixtape: OHStray Kids(▲ 13)
5Chi Mat Ba RamBrave Girls(▲ 15)
6Make It2PM(▲ 32)
7Tear DropSF9(▼ 6)
10Still DreamKim Woojin(▲ 12)
11Pool PartyBrave Girls ft. E Chan of DKB(▲ 4)
13AuRoRaONEWE(▼ 1)
14PTT (Paint The Town)LOONA(▲ 21)
16MoonlightBDC(▼ 12)
17SneakersHa Sung Woon(▼ 7)
18Alcohol-FreeTWICE(▲ 33)
19WeekendTaeyeon (SNSD)(▲ 37)
20KarmaKINGDOM(▲ 39)
21Up All NightGHOST9(▼ 10)
22Stay With MeHoya(▲ 56)
23Welcome to the MAINSTREET24K(▲ 55)
24Right Through MeEven of Day (DAY6)(▲ 10)
25I Want You Around (ft. DeVita)Yugyeom (GOT7)(▼ 16)
26GGOMATaeho (IMFACT) ft. Choi Ye Geun(▲ 52)
27Crazy NightDONGKIZ(▲ 31)
28WOLFGANGStray Kids(▲ 21)
29HigherA.C.E(▲ 7)
30VamosOMEGA X(▲ 2)

Songs leaving the charts this week

The following songs are leaving the charts, and won’t appear or be part of the next Weekly KPOP Charts:

  • If You Love Me (2021 Ver.) – NS. YOON G ft. Jooheon (MONSTA X)
  • Gemini – AB6IX
  • Like It Hot – GWSN
  • Burned All Black – Kim Jae Hwan
  • GGOMA – Taeho (IMFACT) ft. Choi Ye Geun
  • The Real – ATEEZ
  • |Believer| – SF9
  • At Ease – iKON
  • Finale (Show And Prove) – BTOB
  • WOLFGANG -Stray Kids
  • KINGDOM COME – The Boyz
  • Purple – woo!ah!
  • Bittersweet – Wonwoo X Mingyu (SEVENTEEN)

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