[Review] BEcause – Dream Catcher

Officially returning today is Dream Catcher with BEcause, the title track from the group’s first special mini-album, Summer Holiday. They did give us a little sneak peek at the comeback yesterday through the official start of promotions on MCountdown, but the music video officially dropped today. This the group’s first comeback since the release of their sixth mini-album, Dystopia: Road to Utopia, and Odd Eye earlier this year.

When I first heard the song, I thought Dream Catcher strayed away from their usual rock sound by basing the song on the first part of the first verse (and the fact that this was a song released on a ‘special album’. Oh, how wrong was I. If I had waited a few more seconds for the song to reach the pre-chorus, I would have realized that BEcause does contain that Dream Catcher signature rock influence, returning the group to their roots. They do change up their chorus a bit by incorporating pizzicato sounds (plucking strings of a string instrument), before leading into the rock influence. The subsequent rock in the chorus was toned down slightly to not be its usual amplification, which helps merges the softness of the pizzicato sound with the rest of the song. For Dami’s first rapping sequence, we get more of a concentrated rock sound that I thought was really cool. It is the tiniest of details, but there was a electric guitar solo moment for a brief second which I really liked. The bridge features a creepy and haunting piano melody, before we are blasted with rock to end the song. The instrumental front of BEcause was really good and had such thrilling energy. For the vocals, I thought it was good. It is Dream Catcher’s usual style and I also really like the rock style filter over some parts to help give their voices some more edge. Overall, BEcause is a really good return to form for Dream Catcher. I do feel like the start was potentially me wanting something else from Dream Catcher, but I am happy with what BEcause ended up being.

Also returning to form is Dream Catcher’s concept, with the horror theme returning for this comeback. This time, it appears the members are staying at a haunted hotel, which is connected to an abandoned theme park. The setting for this music video appears to be the same theme park settings in other music videos, so I really like what the producers of the video did to make the theme park appear haunted and creepy. I also really like the grey colour scheme they went for. The whole bridge sequence was definitely haunting as well. But what was the most creepy were those people standing around wearing black cloaks and veils. In terms of plot, I am not exactly 100% sure what is going on. But I think the one of the members was caught, while all other members were evil spirits trying to corrupt that captured members (which was mission accomplished at the end). But aesthetics and atmosphere-wise, the music video for BEcause was nailed.

I liked how their performance incorporated some horror tropes. Nothing scary, but they are common things you would associate with the genre, such as the non-reflective mirror at the start of the performance, the Yoohyeon puppet in the first verse, creepy smiles throughout the choreography and slow turns we see commonly with dolls at the end of the performance.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 9.5/10
Performance – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10

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