[Weekly Chart] 4th Week of August 2021

And then I disappeared (again). I am really back, as I mentioned in my most recent review. I just somehow managed to nap after work for the last two days and ran out of hours to write up a review (though I did start one). I will get a move on with that one right after I finish this post, the results of last week’s Weekly KPOP Chart! As this is a late posting for the Weekly KPOP Charts, it is going to be a quick one. Keep looking out for the reviews in the meanwhile! Album reviews as promised will be coming your way this weekend and other song reviews between now and then.

The Charts

I am not surprised given how bold, addictive and intense the song is, but Stray Kids’ Thunderous took out the top spot for the past week. Congratulations to Stray Kids. For the rest of the charts, continue scrolling down the page!

4th Week of August 202122nd Aug – 28th Aug 2021
1ThunderousStray Kids(NEW)
3After We RideBrave Girls(NEW)
4THRILL-RIDEThe Boyz(▼ 3)
5Gas PedalCRAVITY(▲ 8)
6Ready NowKim Woojin(▲ 9)
7VamosOMEGA X(▲ 55)
8After MidnightASTRO(▲ 14)
9Christmas in JulyKANGTA(▲ 58)
10AuRoRaONEWE(▲ 18)
11Strawberry GumHa Sung Woon ft. Don Mills (▲ 13)
12Yes I KnowYebin (DIA)(▲ 55)
13DamageJUST.B(▲ 19)
14DIVEJinyoung (GOT7) (▼ 3)
15Be My Lover?Kim Jong Kook & ATEEZ(▲ 14)
16QueendomRed Velvet (▼ 10)
17PoppingONF(▼ 12)
18MANIACRyan Jhun, NCT U (Haechan & Doyoung)(▲ 30)
19CerberusYuto, Kino & Wooseok (Pentagon)(▲ 48)
20East End2Z(▲ 4)
21A Little SpacePentonix ft. Yunho, San, Jongho (ATEEZ)(▲ 28)
22See You AgainHan Seung Woo (VICTON) (▲ 15)
23Mega PunchN.O.M(▲ 26)
24Paint Me NakedTen (NCT)(▲ 43)
25MoonlightBDC (▲ 42)
26Drink ItThe Boyz(▲ 40)
27BecauseDream Catcher(▲ 33)
28PRESENTE777(▲ 33)
29Crazy NightDONGKIZ(▲ 14)
30When Dawn Comes AgainColde ft. Baekhyun (EXO)(▲ 38)

Songs leaving the charts this week

The following songs are leaving the charts this week as they have been eligible for the last nine weeks (and have reached the end of their eligible period):

  • Make It – 2PM
  • PTT (Paint The Town) – LOONA
  • Hello Future – NCT DREAM
  • See You Again – Han Seung Woo (VICTON)
  • Free Pass – DRIPPIN
  • Rain Song – EPIK HIGH
  • Moonlight – BDC
  • Summer Night – Kim Kyu Jong
  • Vamos – OMEGA X
  • Xtra – AleXa
  • Crazy Night – DONGKIZ
  • Karma – KINGDOM
  • Find – Moon Jongup ft. Moon Sujin
  • 13IVI – BM (KARD)
  • Tesseract – CIX
  • Veronica – ONEWE
  • Mega Punch – N.O.M
  • Rendezvous – Kim Jeong Uk
  • Damage – JUST.B
  • Pool Party – Brave Girls ft. E Chan of DKB

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