[Weekly KPOP Chart] 4th Week of September 2021

Another week has passed. And per my usual schedule, I look back on this week through my Weekly KPOP Chart post. Apart from a break and doing some adulting stuff, not much really happened this week. Hopefully, now that I am a bit refreshed, I can start looking at writing some other reviews for the releases that I have flagged that I will review. Also, two album reviews coming your way later tonight and that stuff I said I was working on behind the scene will be posted throughout this week. Until then, here is my Weekly KPOP Chart post for the 4th Week of September 2021.

Small update: only one album review will be published tonight. The other will be posted next weekend.

New song releases of the week

Aside from Yang Yoseob’s BRAIN and ITZY’s LOCO, there were a couple of other songs released this week that have been included in the charts for the next 8 weeks:

  • Let Me In – WJSN (Cosmic Girls)
  • Dimples – WOOSUNG (The Rose)
  • My Universe – Coldplay & BTS
  • Take Over – Do Hanse (VICTON)
  • DUN – Jeongmin (BF)

Throwback Corner

This week’s throwback song is B1A4’s What’s Happening?, which popped up randomly as a YouTube recommendation this week. And it began a B1A4 binge, which was quite enjoyable. Can’t wait to see who is next up on these binge sessions.

Non-Korean Release of the Week

I haven’t been listening to non-Korean songs lately. But I have picked it back up to listen to MONSTA X’s One Day, which is also my pick of non-Korean release of the week.

The Charts

Congratulation to PURPLE KISS and their latest song, Zombie, for topping the charts for the 4th Week of September 2021. For more of the charts, keep on scrolling down.

4th Week of September 202119th Sep – 25th Sep 2020
1ZombiePURPLE KISS(▲ 9)
2The ViewStray Kids(▲ 15)
5LemonadeLee Eun Sang(▲ 73)
6ThunderousStray Kids(▲ 1)
7PoppingONF(▲ 4)
8ChangerA.C.E(▲ 23)
9Deja VuATEEZ(▼ 8)
12Talk & Talkfromis_9(▲ 25)
13I’m A GOMVP(▲ 65)
15StickerNCT 127(▼ 13)
16BLUEWonho(▼ 8)
17Life Is BeautifulONEUS(▲ 32)
18THRILL-RIDEThe Boyz(▼ 13)
19Be My Lover?Kim Jong Kook & ATEEZ(▲ 52)
20QueendomRed Velvet(▲ 3)
22DoorKwon Eunbi(▲ 35)
23Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot!ONEUS(▲ 55)
25Goodnight SummerSungmin (Super Junior)(▲ 53)
26FINEW24(▲ 52)
27WAVECIX(▲ 51)
28mumumumuchMamamoo(▼ 24)
29CerberusYuto, Kino & Wooseok (Pentagon)(▲ 47)
30CHEESEStray Kids(▼ 3)

Songs leaving the charts this week

The following songs have finished up their final week on the charts and will be removed from the charts ahead of next week’s Weekly KPOP Charts:

  • NAKKA – AKMU ft. IU
  • Rose – D.O (EXO)
  • So Silly – SAN E ft. Yuju
  • Christmas in July – KANGTA
  • Promise U – Solar & Moonbyul (Mamamoo)
  • DIVE – Jinyoung (GOT7)
  • BEcause – Dream Catcher
  • Stupid Love Song – AKMU ft. Crush
  • Tictoc Tictoc Tictoc – AKMU ft. Beenzino

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