[Album Review] Right Through Me (2nd Mini Album) – Even of Day (DAY6)

The next album that I am reviewing belongs to Even of Day (DAY6’s first subunit), titled Right Through Me (which is also the name of the title track, as well). It was released at the start of July of this year, which makes this album review almost three months late. This appears to be the unit’s (comprised of Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon) last release for a while since Young K (who recently made his solo debut with Guard You) will be enlisting at the end of the month/later this week, with Wonpil and Dowoon set to follow down the track. So let’s have a listen to Right Through Me (the album) and see what we think of the album!

Right Through Me Album Cover

1. WE (우린)WE is a pleasant synth band track that eases you into the album. I liked how the song is light throughout and its inspirational tone and message. While I usually make negative comments about consistency, I think it was well played in WE. It kept the song grounded for me, especially since Wonpil and Young K vocals make it feel as if you are floating away on a cloud. The drums are well defined in this song, preventing us from forgetting the presence of Dowoon. Overall, WE is a soothing and calming listen that begins Right Through Me (the album) on a positive note. (9/10)

2. Right Through Me (뚫고 지나가요) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Right Through Me. (7/10)

3. WALK (역대급)WALK enters a much more upbeat and vibrant territory (compared to the moodier title track) with its synths. It, combined with the rock influences, in the chorus definitely exudes a pop rock feel that I find to be extremely likeable. The energy that comes off the song (especially in the chorus) is quite intense, but it is also bright and positive. I do find the hooks subtle, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work. But if I did have to pick what made the song memorable for me, it would be the vocals, especially the vocals that are positioned in the background of the song. They really made the song feel wholesome and complete. (10/10)

4. all the things you wanted (네가 원했던 것들) – Returning the album to the more paced and slow side of the album is all the things you wanted. This song is a pop ballad, with a heavy influence from the 80s/90s. The particular synth selection that reminds me of that era brings forth a nostalgic effect, and the ballad as a whole elicits the swaying effect that I use as criteria for a good ballad. Their vocals are well highlighted in this song, with a strong portrayal of heartbreak and pain. While it sounds like I do have just praises, I find the song to be on the more typical side of ballads, sans the synths. (8/10)

5. from the ending of a tragedy (비극의 결말에서) – For from the ending of a tragedy, the unit steps back into rock territory with a much more concentrated sound. I just love the drumming in this song, especially in the chorus. It is very fulfilling and definitely gave from the ending of a tragedy some bite. Similar comments can be made about the rock guitars in this song, but I think Dowoon and his drums prevail. If I were to be critical, I wanted more from the vocals. They sounded good (as always), but were largely forgettable for me. (8.5/10)

6. Home Alone (나 홀로 집에) – Words that I usually use to describe songs like Home Alone, like ‘upbeat’ and ‘vibrant’ feels more so like an understatement for Home Alone. This synth pop song is without a doubt the unit’s most colourful and retro song on this album, more so than WALK. This colourful nature comes through multiple avenues, including the expressive vocals we get from the members and the intense rush of energy in the chorus. The highlight, however, has to be Dowoon’s inclusion at the mid-point of the song. It was surprising and unexpected, but definitely worthwhile addition to the song. (10/10)

7. LOVE PARADE – The final song on the album is probably the unit’s heaviest track, in terms of sound. LOVE PARADE is quite dynamic song, and it is a very satisfying track to listen to. Constant throughout the song is the heavy drumming. Once again, this is a testament to Dowoon’s skills, as the drums felt relentless and drove the song forward. Young K and Wonpil counters the drumming with their vocals, keeping the song from being too heavy. Dowoon also makes a few appearances in the song as a vocalist, with another one-liner after Young K and Wonpil, and also in the ‘Ba Dam Bum’ sections of the song (i.e., the ending sequence of LOVE PARADE). Overall, a strong ender to the album. (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.9/10

Right Through Me Teaser Image

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