[Special] Looking Back: Best and Notable Choreographies

As part of a super special series, I will be doing rewinding the clock and reflecting on the years that have passed by focusing on certain aspects that have defined KPOP. All will make sense once I reach the end of this series.

Another visual aspect of the comebacks in KPOP are the choreographies. To me, this makes KPOP very unique. As far as I am aware, Korea is one of the few countries in which artists can promote on stage for 6 days a week, and promotional periods range between 1 to 4 weeks. That is a crazy amount of stage performances that KPOP idols need to do. But it is exposure that a lot of groups need to make it to the top. And there is a vast variety of performances out there, as you can tell from the list below, which contains the best and notable choreographies in KPOP.

For the past how many years, you and I have selected the best choreographies. In the more recent years (2017 – 2020), I have opened up the floor to allow you to vote in the annual KPOPRVIEWED Awards. Those who you have selected to be the best choreographies of that year are in the bolded header text, while those that I noted in normal text for those relevant years as what I considered to be the best choreographies. For 2016 and eelier, the bolded text is what I decided to the Best Choreographies, and the normal text was my second pick.

I have also compiled a playlist of the listed choreographies for each year.


Other notable choreographies:

ONE (LUCID DREAM) – Golden Child
Criminal – Taemin (SHINee)

Back Door – Stray Kids
Naughty – Red Velvet Irene & Selugi
Open Mind – Wonho
Stay Tonight – Chungha


Other Notable Choreographies

Butterfly – LOONA
Love Shot – EXO
Want – Taemin (SHINee)

HIP – Mamamoo
Side Effects – Stray Kids


Other notable choreographies:

Thanks – Seventeen
Woman – BoA

Lullaby – GOT7
I Love You – EXID


Other notable choreography:

Don’t Wanna Cry – SEVENTEEN

Gashina – Sunmi


Other notable choreography:

Hard Carry – GOT7

The Eye – Infinite


Other Notable Choreography:


If You Do – GOT7


Other notable choreography:

Sugar Free – T-ARA

Back – Infinite


Other notable choreographies:

Everybody – SHINee
Growl – EXO

Expectation – Girl’s Day
Very Good – BLOCK B


Other notable choreographies:

Sherlock – SHINee

Alone – Sistar
The Chaser – Infinite


Other notable choreography:

Neverland – UKISS

The Boys – SNSD


Sorry Sorry – Super Junior
Gee – SNSD
Lucifer – SHINee
Nobody – Wonder Girls
Heartbeat – SHINee

2 thoughts on “[Special] Looking Back: Best and Notable Choreographies

  1. YES! Wins for ma boys SHINee and Seventeen! I LOVE Don’t Wanna Cry’s choreography, only surpassed by my love for Everybody’s choreography. No seriously, the latter is still one of my favorite K-Pop moments EVER.

    Side note: No nomination for Seventeen’s Hit, too bad. At least the rest of this list is dope!

    Liked by 2 people

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