[Special] Looking Back: Non-Korean Songs

As part of a super special series, I will be doing rewinding the clock and reflecting on the years that have passed by focusing on certain aspects that have defined KPOP. All will make sense once I reach the end of this series.

Over the years, KPOP have expanded into other music industries. It started with just the Korean market. Soon, KPOP artists entered the nearby Japanese pop music market, which was a very successful move for some groups, who thrived and ended up focusing more on Japanese promotions. Historically, a number of Korean acts failed to make it big in the Western pop music industry, But that all changed very recently with the success of BTS and other groups who have a big international fanbase in the Western pop music scene. Today, I will be looking back at the Best and Notable non-Korean tracks released by Korean artists.

From 2017 to 2020, the songs listed in the bold text are those who were voted in as Best International Song/Best Non-Korean Song by a Korean Artist/Best Japanese Song for those years. I have also listed an additional song as a notable song where there is one available. From 2016 and earlier, the song in the bold text are those that I have selected to be the Best Japanese Song for those years.

2020 – Dynamite (BTS)

Other notable non-Korean song: Fallin’ Flower (Seventeen)

2019 – Breakthrough (TWICE)

Other notable non-Korean song: Moonwalk (WAYV)

2018 – Electric Kiss (EXO)

Other notable non-Korean song: Call Call Call (Seventeen)

2017 – One More Time (TWICE)

2016 – Sayonara Hitori (Taemin (SHINee))

2015 – Can’t Wait To Love You (BEAST/HIGHLIGHT)

2014 – F.F.Y (MYNAME)

2013 – Bunny Style (T-ARA)

2012 – Dazzling Girl (SHINee)


One thought on “[Special] Looking Back: Non-Korean Songs

  1. This list reminded me on how just like America is the big market all K-Pop groups aim for, Japan was the market to capture in the second generation. Haha, I remember how TVXQ, SHINee, U-Kiss, BoA, were all checking out the market.

    Even recently, the Twice and EXO J-Pop singles were great!

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