[Album Review] My Collection (4th Mini Album) – Park Ji Hoon

Park Ji Hoon’s My Collection album review was supposed to be release last week. But as usual, I was a little behind (can’t remember why I ended up being behind schedule) and decided to hold back the review for this weekend. My Collection features the title track, Gallery, which was released back in August of this year, along with an intro track (which will be factored into the final album rating) and four other new songs. This is Park Ji Hoon’s fourth mini-album to date and follows his first studio album, Message, which was released at the end of last year.

My Collection Album Cover

1. Present On The Stage (Intro) – Personally, I am not a fan of this particular intro track. It isn’t terrible, but just not my cup of tea. While it is pleasant and has a bit of a hip-hop influence to it, I wasn’t liking the drawn nature of the vocals and the stagnant feel it provided. If I had to base the album on the first track, things wouldn’t look too bright. Present On The Stage may have made me skip over this album. (6/10)

2. Gallery (Title Track)Click here for the full review of Gallery. (9/10)

3. Lost (feat. LILBOI) – Once again, Lost isn’t my cup of tea. I am just not entirely drawn to the song, mainly because it didn’t feel like it got anywhere once Lost wrapped up. I do admit that the pop track was light and rather chilled. Park Ji Hoon brings some falsettos to the song, while LILBOI brought some dynamic energy to the song via his rapping. Neither was enough to convince otherwise about the song, however. (7/10)

4. Strawberry – You might think that I would apply similar comments as the preceding comments to Strawberry. And I would say you are partly right. Strawberry felt pretty linear and didn’t really feel like it developed as it progressed along. However, I do like Park Ji Hoon’s vocals in this song more. His hoarse voice was definitely shown off in this song, and it was a nice accompaniment to the soft R&B coffee shop-like instrumentation. His falsetto notes were pretty nice here, drifting in and out when it was added to the song. (7.5/10)

5. I Wonder – After two paced and vocally driven songs, I Wonder refocuses the album with an upbeat track, which to me is familiar territory for Park Ji Hoon. I much prefer this side of the artist. I will admit the song is pretty plain and simple, but I am sure that the performance for I Wonder would have been enjoyable to watch. I liked the slight dynamic nature that is brought into the song via Park JI Hoon’s vocals, and how upbeat the chorus was thanks to the heavier presence of the synths. It added meat and definition to the song, which I quite enjoyed. (8/10)

6. Remember (파도에게) – Ending the album is Remember. Like the intro track, Remember is also quite pleasant. But electronic synths in the song gives it a nice kick that I thoroughly enjoyed and sets it apart from the into track. Remember bundles all my comments above about Park Ji Hoon’s vocals and rapping into this one song. You get the dynamic nature from his rapping, and the hoarse vocals throughout the song. Both give this smooth instrumental nice and pleasant textures, and everything comes together to be quite dreamy. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 7.8/10

My Collection Teaser Image

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