[Album Review] HOT&COLD (5th Mini Album) – Park Ji Hoon

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The next album to be reviewed on this blog belongs to Park Ji Hoon, who made his comeback with this particular album, HOT&COLD, at the end of October of this year. Leading the album is the title track Serious, and five other new songs (all of which will be reviewed below). HOT&COLD follows the release of My Collection from earlier in the year.

HOT&COLD Album Cover

1. Escalator (Intro) – Kicking off the album is Escalator, a short intro track that felt like you are surging to the top. It is quite upbeat and focuses on a R&B sound. Park Ji Hoon repeats the title of the song a few times before throwing in some other lyrics. But it really doesn’t do much to the song. A pretty average start to the album. (6/10)

2. Serious (Title Track)Click here for Serious’ full review. (6/10)

3. WANT!WANT! is a pleasant pop track. It is upbeat, has good rhythm and nice melody. Park Ji Hoon also sounds quite good. But aside from that, I do find WANT! just pleasant, and doesn’t really offer anything more than that. I wished the song went above the general pop boundaries. (7/10)

4. CHEESECHEESE is a lot more vibrant than WANT! and I find that so much more appealing. It too falls under the pop umbrella, but I like it a lot more than the previous song (for reasons already specified). I like how the upbeatness, energy and Park Ji Hoon’s tone in CHEESE is playful and fun, further adding to that appeal. (8/10)

5. LOVE GLASSLOVE GLASS enters R&B territory, revisiting the sound from the title track. I liked the kick the beat gave the song, making it even more upbeat and fun than the pop tracks on this album. Park Ji Hoon sounds really good here, which can only mean that the song’s playfulness and colour can only be more likeable and livelier. LOVE GLASS is also quite catchy, as well. (8.5/10)

6. All Yours – The saying ‘save the best til last’ is applicable for this album. All Yours returns the album to a pop sound, but delving more into the balladry side of music as well. I quite like the guitars in the instrumentation, which provided a great deal of texture to the song. His voice is well used here as well, with his huskier tone coming through. I also like how pleasant All Yours comes across, and here I use the term ‘pleasant’ as a positive descriptor to the song (as opposed to how I used it earlier). (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 7.6/10

HOT&COLD Teaser Image

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