[Review] POPPIN’ – Y & JangJun (Golden Child)

Golden Child’s latest album, Game Changer, featured a bunch of unit and solo tracks. And as part of the promotions for Game Changer, Woolim Entertainment has released a music video for each of those tracks. Over the next few days, I will be reviewing each of the unit and solo tracks from the album that have a music video, ahead of the album review that I will releasing over the weekend. First up (chosen at random) is POPPIN’, which is a unit track featuring Y and JangJun.

My first impression of POPPIN’ is that it screams fun. The pop song is a party track that brings together Y and JangJun. It is extremely upbeat, maintains a fun party vibe throughout and is definitely memorable for a number of reasons. From the very first second with the electric guitars at the start, POPPIN’ teases the energy that was about to come. Right after that, we constantly served with low yet smooth vocals from Y, and powerful and dynamic rapping from JangJun throughout the entirety of the song. Both came through with their parts and kept me captivated. I am floored by JangJun’s delivery in this song, especially since his delivery The blast of energy that we get in the chorus was very impactful and stays in your head even after the song finishes. The most memorable part is when the two comes together for the second half of the chorus, concentrating everything we have heard around it into a sequence of its own. The anthem style delivery and the simplicity of this sequence was super catchy and addictive. Overall, I think the pair really excelled in POPPIN’. I personally am not familiar with both members, but POPPIN’ definitely gives me reason to delve more into the pair. And the song? Well it is definitely POPPIN’. It leaves me with the feeling of when you want more of something, which results you in dragging your cursor to the replay button to satisfy that craving.

Fitting in with the fun vibes of the song, the music video for POPPIN’ features an employee and boss dynamic. Y plays the role of the employee, who is constantly scolded or shouted at by the boss, who is played by JangJun. Their acting was funny and lighthearted throughout the video. At the first chorus, we see Y imagine confronting JangJun and yelling back at him. In the second chorus sequence, we see that imagination become reality, which causes JangJun to remembers his time as an employee. Both forgive each other, as the pair proceed to party it up in the office at the end. Though I guess some actual office workers won’t be impressed by the mess which the pair makes during these party scenes. I liked their CCTV perspective and the use of technology to film this music video (though the constantly moving made it a bit overwhelming for me).

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.6/10

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