[Album Review] Zero: Fever Part 3 (7th Mini Album) – ATEEZ

After more ATEEZ? Well, you have come to the right place. As promised in my Eternal Summer review, here is my album review for ATEEZ’s latest mini-album, Zero: Fever Part 3. This mini-album features the title track Deja Vu and its contender, Eternal Sunshine, along with four other new songs. This mini-album is a strong one, especially its second half (spoiler: I dish out three 10/10 songs). It is not their strongest one, however. That title belongs to the album release before this one, Zero: Fever Part 2, which featured Firework (I’m The One) as it is title track.

Zero: Fever Part 3 Album Cover

1. Eternal SunshineClick here to read the full review for Eternal Sunshine. (7/10)

2. Feeling Like I Do – Following from the bright and energetic nature of Eternal Summer, Feeling Like I Do continues that vibe with a decent track. I liked the upbeat nature of this track, with the synths bringing an enjoyable intensity to the song. The popping effect was a neat addition to the song, matching the vibrancy but also giving Feeling Like I Do some extra and unique energy. The drumming ties everything together. I also like the liveliness of the vocals and rapping. I do wish Feeling Like I Do had a more pronounced climax. It was the only aspect within the song that was missing for me. (8/10)

3. Deja Vu (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Deja Vu. (7/10)

4. ROCKY – Drawn from the films that share the same title of this song, ROCKY is a bombastic and fierce song that talks about determination and succeeding as the underdog. Personally, I think ROCKY is better placed to be the title track, in place of Deja Vu, just because the energy in ROCKY is so impactful and memorable. The rock styled hip-hop influenced instrumental is very bold, and I love the swinging melody in the chorus. I think ROCKY could have worked with a boxing concept (pretty unique in KPOP) and lays the ground work for a pretty powerful choreography that will definitely scream of ATEEZ. (10/10)

5. All About YouAll About You tones down the energy of the album with a more calming and soothing track. It is more of a contemporary track, not really falling into any of the standard sounds for a calming and soothing track. All About You has an synth heavy that literally simmers in the background for majority of the song. The vocals and harmonies adds both smoothness and textures, while the rapping gives the song additional momentum. Jongho’s high note is exceptional and the repetitive hooks make this song very catchy. I find it hard to fault this song and thoroughly enjoyed it. (10/10)

6. Not Too Late (밤하늘) Not Too Late continues with the energy downtrend with a R&B track. Everything in song is quite dreamy, from the vocals to the R&B synth dominant instrumentation accented by piano and guitars. The rapping also follows the same mindset and the hooks are quite easy on the ears, easing us into the song and off the album. Another strong song and ender to this album. (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.6/10

Zero: Fever Part 3 Teaser Image

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