[Review] Out The Window – Daeyeol (Golden Child)

The final side track from Golden Child’s second studio album which I will be reviewing ahead of the rest of the album is Out The Window, which is performed by Daeyeol. Daeyeol was the only member from the group to have a solo track, with the other members participating in unit tracks. After this review, it is full steam ahead to their Game Changer and DDARA album review, which I will be posting shortly after this. Until then, this is my review for Out The Window.

Daeyeol’s solo song comes in the form of a mid-tempo ballad. Overall, I find Out The Window to be a pleasant song that highlights Daeyeol’s vocals. While the song itself is pretty straightforward and simplistic, it is still a really nice song and doesn’t fall on the boring or typical side of ballads. The melodies are what pulls me in and I think Daeyeol’s vocals do an amazing job of bringing Out The Window‘s melodies to life. As mentioned before, the song is rather simple, with a nice acoustic instrumental to form the backing of the song. It helps with making everything palatable and really compliments Daeyeol’s vocals in my opinion. To be honest, the song is similar to what we have heard in some of the other side tracks that I have reviewed separately over the last day, in the sense that there isn’t anything special about it. However, I do think that Out The Window has a bit of a edge over the other tracks. Every time I hear the song or watch the music video for it over the past couple of weeks, I found myself thinking the song can be a great OST choice for the right drama. Based on the lyrics, it seems like this ballad would be best played when the lead characters of the drama are reminiscing about their memories of one another.

For the music video, I liked its more rustic approach with its out-of-focus home video style approach. It is quite different to what we get nowadays when it comes to aesthetics, and I find this video speak volumes this way. I think the particular style is intention though, as the content that we see are actually memories that are being played back. This would align with the lyrics of the song. I am not exactly sure if I saw things right, but the scene in which the female character withdraws/retracts her hand from Daeyeol felt like it was in a rewinding motion.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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