[Review] Sober – N.Flying

Returning last week was N.Flying with the repackaged version of their first studio length album. For those who may have missed their last comeback, N.Flying returned with Moonshot and Man On The Moon back in June of this year. On Wednesday last week, the group reissued their first studio album and renamed it Turbulence, with it being lead by the title track Sober.

Sober is a decent song, if you are looking for a heavy and emotional rock ballad type of song. For me, it was pretty much a miss a week ago and is still a miss a week after. There isn’t anything wrong about the track. It just didn’t meet my expectations (more on that in a second). The band does well within the confines of their style boundaries for this release. The band instrumentation was standard, but substantial. There wasn’t anything special about it per say, but I liked how it had that lurching momentum that most rock ballads tend to have. I was waiting for a bit of a kick to come in, as I feel like there was room for the band to go into even deeper emotional territory with this song. We did of get a bit of intensity towards the end from the instrumentation front, but it was a tad too late for me. Similarly, I was expecting a similar effect with the vocals. The members nailed the emotional brief that Sober was all about, and I liked the mixture of soft rapping and vocals throughout the song. But there was so much potential for the vocals to go further. The bridge and Hwesung’s high note was definitely a teaser of what I was looking forward to hearing, but those parts alone just wasn’t enough. I was also not a fan of the abrupt ending to the song. However, the song still some appealing points. The first comes in via the melodies. Sober managed to still evoke that swaying effect that I tend to mention on this blog, despite me not being entirely into the song. So I give them points for that. I also give them points for the song’s hook, as that was memorable element and Seunghyub’s delivery was definitely made it sound good. Overall, Sober had potential in terms of direction that it just didn’t really navigate towards, hence the disappointment and ‘doesn’t meet expectations’ comment above.

The music video definitely compliments the tone and emotional vibe of the music. I am not a fan of the hazy filter that they had going on, but it works for this release. It was more so what the video was trying to show us that I am not entirely sure. It appears that the members are travelling on a plane, which I presume is their trip towards their relationship. But the plane enters a period of turbulence, which I am guessing is a relevant representation of a rocky relationship. The members are worried that the plane would crash, but they managed to get to the other side. Based on the lyrics, this ‘other side’ is a breakup, as appears the members had popped off the plane into the field, rather than the plane’s destination (i.e. their partner). I guess that kind of makes sense, though the really bright ‘heaven’ scenes leave me scratching me head and so do those bubbles (maybe the action of ‘bursting the bubbles’ meant that the members realize that this relationship isn’t good for them (i.e. not smooth sailing as depicted by the plane ride at the start).

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 7/10

Overall Rating – 6.4/10

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