[Album Review] Man on the Moon (1st Studio Album) – N.Flying

Out of all the albums I am reviewing as part of this blitz, I think this particular one is the oldest one on the list. Man on the Moon, N.Flying’s first ever studio album since their debut in 2015, dropped earlier June of this year. It is headlined by the title track, Moonshot. I am particularly excited to review Man on the Moon, given N.Flying’s underrated status. Based on their past tracks and album reviews, I just knew that there will be some strong tracks on the album and I definitely want to share them with you (spoiler alert – there are actually some outstanding tracks on this tracklist).

Man on the Moon Album Cover

1. Moonshot (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of Moonshot. (8/10)

2. AskAsk is an emotional rock ballad speaks on the topic of heartbreak. The message for this song is clear as day, without even needing to read or translate the lyrics. Just listening to the sadness and heartbreak behind their vocals is enough to convey the message. I really like the delicate touch that the piano brings, while the rock element still has some impact. The rock-ballad elicits a swaying effect on me (which you will know is what I consider as criteria of a good ballad). (9/10)

3. Comma (쉼표) – Opening the song is a suite of piano (or keyboard) notes that forms an ascending pattern. I quite like this, and fast became the most memorable element of the song for me. Comma had this really strong atmospheric tone to it, which made it standout for me. In addition to that tone, the vocals were captivating and gave me shivers, particularly Hwesung’s high note at the mid-point of the song and Seunghyub’s vocals that almost teeters into rap territory and hence a brings a nice texture and dynamic to this powerful song. (10/10)

4. Undo (지우개)Undo changes it up by returning to a bright and fun natured rock track. With such energy, Undo makes me want to get up and do a bit of a boogie. There is also a light sprinkling of synths in the song, which adds an additional dimension to the song. The vocals and rapping were rather straightforward in my point of view, but they also helped bring out the energy in the song. Interestingly, the lyrics of the song seem to point in the opposite direction, retelling the story of a messy breakup. (8.5/10)

5. You – Another song that I really want to get up and dance to. Its fun and definitely a vibe. You has this consistent (positive use of this term here!) upbeat energy thanks to the instrumentals. Seunghyub’s rapping is on full display in this song. And his rapping brought a nice kick of additional energy to You, especially at the very start which left a strong impression on me. Hwesung’s vocals added brightness to the chorus, but also kept the song grounded elsewhere. The ‘You‘ in the chorus was also quite impactful. Overall, a highly praised and recommended song. (10/10)

6. Blue Scene (파란 배경) – After two upbeat tracks, Blue Scene was a nice tone down (in terms of energy). It was also a nice switch back to straightforward rock sounds, though there is a bit of R&B mixed into the instrumentation. The rapping was good, and the guitar in the background was a highlight. On the vocal front, they had this dreamy feel to them, with the harmonies at the end emphasizing this. But I just felt that the vocals didn’t feel as good as in some of the higher rated songs above it. (8/10)

7. Fate (이 별 저 별)Fate reminds me of a typical moody rocky song. While that is a shocker of a description, I found that Fate reminded me of some of their earlier works. Overall, there was a good display of vocals and rapping. I also enjoyed the piano in the background. But like I mentioned at the start, Fate was pretty ordinary in terms of appeal. But it was still a decent song. (7/10)

8. Zip (빈집)Zip is a R&B ballad. The verses were calming and melodic, and I think the same can be said about the song overall. But in comparison to the rest of the song, the verses were largely forgettable. For me, the chorus stole the show for me. It is so good, to the point where I would listen to the chorus on repeat if I could (sorry Seunghyub). The melodies were amazing, and Hwesung’s soaring motif at the end of each line in the chorus and overall delivery was just so stunning and breathtaking. (8.5/10)

9. To You (너에게) – Relative to all the other songs on this album, To You falls on the cuter side of the spectrum. And it is quite lonesome, given that the song also feels like an outlier on this album. I enjoyed the song overall, but also felt like it was dryer than some other tracks on the album. The vocals were pleasant. The standout, for me, however, was the rapping. Seunghyub’s rap sequence in the bridge gave a nice kick to the song, while his rap sequence at the end of To You rounded out the sound in an unexpected 90s but fitting manner. (7.5/10)

10. Flashback – The final song on the album is Flashback, and this was a home run for me! It is another rock ballad that brings forth nostalgic vibes and happy memories. To end the album on such a note is quite impressive and I am sure fulfilling to all parties (fans, band members and listeners alike). Each member played a prominent part in this song (like very other song ever), but I want to commend the other members (Chahun, Jaehyun and Dongsung) whom I haven’t referred to in this album review yet. They did an amazing job with bringing each song to life, but I just felt they gave a bit more effort in Flashback. Everything in the instrumental just sounded substantial and very satisfying. The drum work and guitar solo was particularly exceptional. Hwesung and Seunghyub were also amazing, bringing emotional vocals into Flashback. (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.7/10

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7 thoughts on “[Album Review] Man on the Moon (1st Studio Album) – N.Flying

  1. I entered this review just to check if you gave Flashback a 10, and I am so glad you did! I love this album, and I glad you gave it a real high score too!

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  2. Well, I commented anonymously for the second time in a row. Ugh.

    But yeah, I entered the review with the hope that you’d give Flashback a 10, and I so glad you did! I also love the album 🙂

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