[Album Review] Attacca (9th Mini Album) – SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN is nominated for Best Male Group, while their tracks – Not Alone, Bittersweet and Rock With You – are nominated for various song awards in the 2021 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. Support SEVENTEEN and the listed songs, along with your other favourite artists, songs and performances by clicking here to vote!

SEVENTEEN returned made their comeback on 22 October 2021 with Rock With You and their ninth mini-album, Attacca. A little over a month since their comeback, I am finally reviewing the album! Overall, Attacca delivers the group’s next great album, though it isn’t my vote for their best. In addition to the already mentioned title track, the album consist of two additional full group songs, 3 unit tracks and a bonus all-English track from members Joshua and Vernon. Keep on reading for my thoughts on the individual songs!

Attacca Album Cover

1. To You (소용돌이) – Before the album went to the title track, Rock With You, we were treated to an synth pop track, To You, which merged the airiness of synths with a bit of pop rock together into a simple sounding track. It was an ideal track to start off with. It wasn’t too light or too heavy, but retaining the benefits of both. It was also quite atmospheric. I liked its consistency and enjoyed it until the end. Their vocals approach was extremely nice and soothing, though I wished the group employed a bit of rapping in To You to add a bit more flair to the song. (8/10)

2. Rock With You (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Rock With You. (9/10)

3. CrushCrush lands very impactful and ‘in-your-face’ start, setting the song apart from the rest of the album. This definitely ticks the boldness box that I consistently mention on the blog. The chorus was definitely Crush’s most standout section for the exact same reason. The use of falsettos and textured rapping was very nice, and gave the song a lot more to appeal with. It is a bit repetitive, but I honestly look past this flaw thanks to the other elements. (9/10)

4. Pang! (Performance Unit) – Despite the album’s promotions lacking both Jun and The8 due to their schedules in China, they participated in all the full group songs on this album and the Performance Unit song, Pang!. Pang! was a fun number without a loaded instrumentation. Actually, the more accurate way to describe the instrumental in Pang! is underloaded, which brought on a whole different aesthetic than what we are used to. The chorus was very catchy and alluring, with the spoken ‘Don’t Come’ feeling quite punchy. Dino’s rapping in this song is top notch and very unique sounding. Definitely a standout for me. (10/10)

5. Imperfect Love (매일 그대라서 행복하다) (Vocal Unit) – As expected, the vocal unit’s song enters ballad territory. But Imperfect Love features a soft pop rock vibe, which is a nice change up to the usual classical instrumental we get when it comes to ballads. The harmonies are really nice and help fill up the song’s instrumentation. The electric guitars came in at the right time, and helped added a bit more colour and flair than if they were omitted. Interestingly, I didn’t find their solo parts to stand out as much, with everything else overtaking their individual moments. Not entirely sure about this, but Imperfect Love manages to work just fine anyway. (7/10)

6. I Can’t Run Away (그리워하는 것까지) (Hip Hop Unit) – The most surprising track from the units is I Can’t Run Away. While the song does include raps, I was taken aback by the delicate and ballad approach the quartet has gone with. To me, this is unexplored territory for the four, but one I would gladly be happy to revisit in the future. The raps were very nice, and I liked how it emphasises the members husky and raspy tones. But what shocks me even more was how good the vocals were. They definitely made the song standout. Also, both vocals and balladry instrumentation gave added an emotional and fragile touch to I Can’t Run Away, which works well with the lyrics of the song. (8/10)

7. 2 Minus 1 (Joshua and Vernon)2 Minus 1 is a song I highly recommend to have on blast. It is an extremely satisfying way to enjoy the song. It is a bit slow to begin with, but the energy that ultimately comes through during the chorus in this all-English punk-pop song is just so good. Both Joshua and Vernon have a hand in this as well with their awesome vocal pairing! But their solo parts are equally as good. Joshua shows off his vocal potential (which isn’t usually highlighted), while Vernon’s raspy tone is also well showcased in this song. I wished the energy was a bit more consistent and we didn’t have slow downs or moments where the instrumentals were stripped back, but overall a great bonus track for fans. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.4/10

Attacca Teaser Image

2 thoughts on “[Album Review] Attacca (9th Mini Album) – SEVENTEEN

  1. Attacca is such a great album. In my opinion there is something for everyone while still retaining that pop-rock vibe across the tracklist. My favorite is Imperfect Love which is mostly because I’m always a sucker for slow pop-rock songs lol.

    I’m a little surprised Pang! got a 10 but I totally agree with your points 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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