[Review] TANG!♡ – Mino (WINNER)

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Mino is back to round out the year with TANG!♡. The song is featured on his third solo studio album, which is titled To Infinity. Things have appeared to be fairly quiet for Mino, who we last saw during his Run Away and Take (his second studio album) promotions a year ago. He did hold a solo concert back in October, in which he performed TANG!♡ for the first time.

For me, Mino’s releases comes and goes. I don’t remember much of Run Away (nor his other solo songs) a year on since its release and have to remind myself by re-listening to the song and reviewing its review in order to compare releases. Now that I have done that, I can say that I prefer the likes of TANG!♡ over Run Away. However, that doesn’t mean I think TANG!♡ is the perfect song. There are flaws and there is still a fair way to go to reach that level. Of course, there are a few elements that stood out for me, namely the instrumentation and Mino’s rapping in the second verse. The instrumental has this slight reggae-like rhythm to its percussion, which was interesting. There was also a certain colour to the song that I would describe as playful and fun, even though I would say the beat was ‘paced’. But for the most part, the body of the instrumental was pretty much hip-hop. I also did like the addition of the electric guitars in the background, which also helped change up the song a bit by inserting a moody vibe to the song. Mino’s rapid rapping in the second verse also amazed me. It wowed me there, and was by far the most positively memorable aspect of the song in my opinion. The rest of his rapping in TANG!♡ was also quite good, and worked well with the pace of the instrumentation. Unfortunately, there was one thing that I didn’t like as much, and thought that it was pretty undercooked. The repetitive ‘Tang Tang Tang‘ chorus was not my cup of tea. It didn’t feel fulfilling, and I was itching for more. I guess it plays towards that fun nature of the song, but I wished it did more. Overall, TANG!♡ isn’t a bad song. But I wished the main centerpiece was a bit more teased out.

As for the music video, it was pretty good. TANG!♡ concept was a virtual reality one. At the start of the video, Mino is pretty much your standard bachelor who plays TANG, which is a love game. The game puts Mino into a few scenarios, where I assume he needs to win the female computer character over. In the first scenario, he is a cowboy who is dressed coolly to look the part. He throws out a pick up line, shows off money and dog and buys her dinner. But she leaves and gets distracted, which means he lost that round. In the second scenario, he shows off his money again by being a materialistic person, buying and wearing high end stuff. He also buys a whole heap of presents for the female character. But his dog gets in the way, and stuffs that rounds up! In the final round, he prepares a romantic proposal like situation, in which he gifts the female character a bouquet of roses and a massive teddy bear. But he is reminded that this game is fake, and she disappears in a glitchy manner. In the end, he opts for some real life interaction, where he sends a text message to a real like female to meet at the bar to discuss something. I thought the video was fun, and like usual, I enjoyed the post-production applied to the video.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 7.8/10

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