[Double Review] I Got U + irrelevant answer – LUCY

LUCY is nominated for Best Band in the 2021 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. Support LUCY by clicking here to vote for them!

As mentioned last week, I will covering releases that formed part of the 2021 KPOPREVIEWED Awards nominations. Last week, I focused on the Best Rap or Hip-Hop Song category. Today and tomorrow, I will be focusing on the Best Band category. A number of the nominations for Best Band, I have never reviewed before, so this would be a great opportunity to focus on these acts! First up is LUCY, who is a four-member band formed on the TV show Superband. They made their debut in 2020 with Flowering and have been actively promoting ever since. In 2021, they released two title tracks, I Got U in June and irrelevant answer in August. I am also aware that they just returned with Rolling Rolling, but I will not be reviewing that until next year.

I Got U is featured on their June album release, GATCHA. I Got U is one of those songs that you get so stuck into, that by the time it wraps up, you either felt the song went by too quickly or it was too short. I Got U falls into more pleasant territory, than anything else. But there was a lot in there that I found unique or enjoyed. I liked the filtered chant that opened up I Got U, reeling me in with an already unique melody and hook. I found the verses to be quite subdued, with minimalistic band instrumentation and very unique vocals in the higher tone range. That filtered chant returns as the song’s chorus (though it could be passed as a pre-chorus) and with the uniqueness mentioned before continuing on (but with the main vocalist being more upfront). Then, the band kicks up the energy and beat with an amped up instrumental piece. Its fun and definitely colourful. What really stood out in this segment was the violin. Bands don’t usually incorporate violins into their music, focusing more on the typical guitar, keyboard/piano and drums. So LUCY definitely have sent them apart from the rest of the competition with the presence of violin in the song, They skipped the instrumental piece after the second chorus, opting for subdued vocals (from the drummer, might I add!, and the main vocalist with a piercing high note), before returning back to the chorus (which once again could act more as a pre-chorus) and then the return of the instrumental piece that followed the first chorus. I also like the merge of the instrumental piece and the filtered vocals, closing out I Got U in a well-summarised but also fun fashion!

Compared to I Got U, irrelevant answer (their August comeback track) is a lot of heavier in terms of its sound, potentially more aggressive due to the non-stop nature of the song and its much faster tempo. It is a completely different vibe and feel. As I haven’t paid attention to LUCY as much in the past, this ‘different vibe’ demonstrates to me the ability to be versatile, which is always a positive takeaway. I like how the opening had a bit of everyone. A nice re-introduction to the group, in case three months away from LUCY makes it hard to remember them. I quite liked the instrumental of irrelevant answer. The fast tempo and the fact that it barely stops definitely satisfies me. It reminds me of when bands just continue playing non-stop to hype up the crowd. As it went on, the energy became more relentless but in a subtle manner. It is a bit different to what I am used when I apply the word ‘relentless’, but that is what makes the song unique. Unfortunately, I felt the vocals, melodies and hooks were a bit ordinary as well. Nothing was that memorable on these fronts, and I felt disappointed by that. Overall, I still liked the irrelevant answer as a whole, but there was definitely more in which LUCY could have done to take the song to the next level..

The music video for I Got U could have been more fun in my opinion. To me, the music video emphasizes the idea that they are indie artists and that is absolutely fine. They looked playful in the grassy fields, and bowling alleys are much fun (and I always find that their presence in music videos always feel so aesthetic) But I guess I wished that everything was more at ease and casual. I watch the music video with this cramped feeling for some reason, and feel it could have been more freeing. It might be that dullness from the filter, I am not too sure. As for the music video for irrelevant answer, it was more so a video capture of their jam session. They were definitely feeling it and looked like they were enjoying the three minutes in which they play to their heart’s content. I liked this concept and it is also something we don’t get enough of with other bands in KPOP.

I Got U
Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.9/10

irrelevant answer
Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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