[Double Review] Spit It Out + Rain On Me – MAJORS

MAJORS is nominated for Best New Female Group in the 2021 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. Support MAJORS by clicking here to vote today!

Today’s focus will be on the remaining artist whom I have not reviewed yet from the Best New Female Group category from the 2021 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. I am talking about none other than MAJORS, who scored their nomination for their constant activeness in the industry year since their debut in March of this year. MAJORS is a six-member female group under ANS Entertainment (the home of the now disbanded ANS), and its lineup consist of Ida, Vita, Aki, Bian (the sole former member of ANS who stayed on board with the company), Suzy and Shinye. 2021 saw the group debut with the single Spit It Out (will be the focus of this review). They also release single Rain On Me (which will be reviewed in this post as well) and Shining Star.

MAJORS releases never stuck out at me at the time of release. Maybe that is why I hadn’t posted a review for them. However, I have noted myself to pay attention to their songs many weeks after (coincidently as I am removing them from the Weekly KPOP Charts that I post every Sunday). Their debut track, Spit It Out, sounds good. I thought the ‘Spit It Out‘ hook was catchy enough and the song’s main whiny instrumental synth hook, though annoying at first, ended up charming me. I will admit that the song isn’t perfect and it is one of those that feels under-polished and could have been much better had the mixing of the song been better. For example, Spit It Out would have been more impressive had the chorus hit harder, the beat wasn’t as sluggish and the instrumental had not been as dull. It would have been nice to hear something with a bit more liveliness, vibrancy and colour, and with a sharper beat. I feel like their vocals could have seen a bit more oomph, but I felt like we didn’t get much from than due to the constricting nature of the song. But there was some good moments, such as the members as backing ‘Ooh‘ in the final chorus and the bridge overall. Overall, there is a need for a lot of improvement in Spit It Out. However, it is only their first track. In an over-saturated market, it is beneficial to stand out in some manner with your first foot in the door and Spit It Out did not do that. But that didn’t deter me from picking up their next release.

Rain On Me is the title of their first comeback following Spit It Out. It is a definite improvement from Spit It Out and actually ticks some of the boxes on what I wanted from their debut track. The instrumental was not dull or sluggish. The EDM (even though typical) and the brass elements in Rain On Me really helped bring up the liveliness, vibrancy and colour of the song. That alone is already a strong appealing factor for me. Sure, the generic EDM didn’t innovate and it basically reinvented the wheel. But I think the instrumental of Rain On Me enabled the group to showcase a more vibrant vocal performance with a bit more of that oomph and energy that I wanted in the previous song, And this showcase promised potential. That is a sure positive for a group starting out. On the topic of vocals, I liked the addition of rapping and variety in tones throughout Rain On Me. It definitely bumped up the dynamic nature of the song. I also felt the instrumental break we got for the dance break also helped with that. The bridge was also nailed, in my opinion. Overall, Rain On Me had almost everything I wanted from the debut track, and frankly, they should have debuted with this song. But regardless, it is a step in the right direction for the group’s career.

The music video for Spit It Out is undeniably under funded and low budget. Everything looked pretty cheap and their outs did not fit the concept of the song whatsoever. Based on the background, I felt a club or casual type of outfit concept would have been more appropriate. The video also seemed awkward at times, especially during the close of the members. They either looked lost or emotionless. Can I blame the members? Not really. The budget is beyond their control, and I felt the producer should have picked on the other flaws of the video. For Rain On Me, the more vibrant colours and brighter lighting helped make the video feel so much more fitting for the song. I feel the sets for this video were a lot cooler and gave off a bolder look, relative to Spit It Out. The idea of a low budget still lingers when I watch Rain On Me, but it also a definite improvement and this pays off heap for the comeback.

The most positive aspect of Spit It Out‘s release was the choreography. It didn’t seem so if you watched the music video only, but they were in sync throughout and the moves were pretty decent. I would have liked it more had the facial expressions showed off a bit of charisma and attitude for this particular routine. The synchronization is maintained for the Rain On Me choreography. In better news, the facial expression definitely improved for Rain On Me. The dance break also looked cool. But it isn’t a smash out of the park. Unfortunately, the routine attached to the chorus was boring to watch.

Spit It Out
Song – 6/10
Music Video – 4/10
Performance – 7.5/10
Overall Rating – 5.7/10

Rain On Me
Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.7/10

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