[Review] Good Night MY LOVE – Soyou

Good Night MY LOVE is nominated for Best Ballad in the 2021 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. Support Good Night MY LOVE by clicking here to vote today!

The second of the two ballads to review from the Best Ballad category from the 2021 KPOPREVIEWED Awards is Good Night MY LOVE by former Sistar member Soyou. Good Night MY LOVE was released back in March of this year and is her final release with Starship Entertainment (her company for 11 years, which she officially left in September).

Good Night MY LOVE falls into the ballad and R&B category of KPOP. But is much softer than your typical, and can be passed off as a lullaby. And I feel that lullabies are more ballads and I listed it as a nominee for Best Ballad in the 2021 KPOPREVIEWED Awards, as specified above. However, don’t let the ‘lullaby’ deter you from listening to Good Night MY LOVE. It is not boring or a dry song that puts you to sleep. Instead, I found it captivating and a beautiful track. Good Night MY LOVE is warmly instrumented, with an instrumental made predominately of acoustic guitars and piano. To me, the instrumental was a bit sparse and almost like a blank canvas. But this paired with Soyou’s husky and soulful vocals, you get a soothing and calming number that acts in a similar sense to a lullaby. Soyou’s touching vocals are the pure focus of the song, due to the sparse nature of the instrumental, and this really helps make the song captivating as her vocals carry you away. I also get a really touching vibe from her vocals. Now, the following might put you off the song, but I am intrigued by it and would like to hear some thoughts if you have any. I had to relisten to Good Night MY LOVE a few times to really make sure about this next point though. Within the background of the song, I heard snippets of a male voice. It felt like an echo and they were very brief. Personally, I am not too sure about them since it could have been a mistake or possibly even intentional. You don’t really pick up on them if you are listening to the ballad in a casual sense. They are masked well and are very very minute. But if you really pay attention (like I have for this review), they kind of stick out. Maybe my mind is paying tricks on me and there is nothing there or I have mistaken something else for a male’s echoey voice. Hopefully, I haven’t deter you from listening to Good Night MY LOVE.

The artsy music video features four characters (though one of them – the assistant – doesn’t get enough screen time). Each of these characters are struggling in one way or another. The female character is looking for a job. She is happy to hear her friends managed to find one, but is sadden that she is left behind once again. The male character who works at the pet shop that sells only fishes is an aspiring actor who is stressed over an audition and insecure about his skills. The second male character is the director, who is struggling to put together a story for his next project. Each of these characters are struggling, but they all put on a brave face and push on. The lyrics of the song talk about a star that is looking over them and ‘protecting them’ from the struggle. At the end of the video, we see the four characters come together. The director has put together a story to work with, the second male character lands his audition and the female character finds a job. They look happy with their struggles out of their way. Soyou also appears in the video, singing. Her high position in the video make her seem like that star looking down on the characters. My only issue about the music video is the lack of English subtitles at the end. We had them at the start, but they were omitted from the ending which doesn’t make sense to me. But overall, an artistic and aesthetic music video.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.4/10

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