[Album Review] NO LIMIT (10th Mini Album) – MONSTA X

MONSTA X is nominated for for Best Stage Presence and their single GAMBLER is nominated for Best Concept. MONSTA X member I.M is also nominated for Best Rapper, while God Damn is nominated for Best Rap or Hip-Hop song. Support MONSTA X, I.M and your other favourite acts by voting in the 2021 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. Click here to vote now.

The next album review on this blog is for MONSTA X, who returned in November of this year with the their 10th mini-album, NO LIMIT. The mini-album is lead by the title track Rush Hour and an additional 6 tracks, which will be reviewed below! The mini-album is also the first to not feature Shownu, who enlisted earlier this year. Keep on reading for some of my thoughts on NO LIMIT. In some related news and following the release of this mini-album, MONSTA X went on to release their second studio-length English language album, The Dreaming, which is lead by the new single You Problem and previously release One Day. Just to let you know, I will be reviewing You Problem in a future International Song Review post early next year (once I am back from my break) and am still contemplating on whether to review the new album next year (which is only a few days away now – super yikes).

NO LIMIT Album Cover

1. Rush Hour (Title Track)Click here for Rush Hour’s full review. (7.5/10)

2. AutobahnAutobahn starts off promising electronic song and ends up developing into a satisfying dance track with a decent amount of intensity. Auotbahn, for those who don’t know, means motorway/freeway in German, and I can imagine listening to this track while on the road. However, I don’t think I will coasting it down the road, though. Autobahn could have hit harder, especially when it came to the vocals in the song. They seemed to underwhelm. The chorus could also go further than just ‘satisfying’ by really concentrating that intensity. On the other hand, the rappers nailed their sequence and they add great flow and energy into the song. (6.5/10)

3. Ride with URide with U was a ride in itself. It is a very interesting song, with a lot of bold and memorable moments. I really like the groovy instrumentation that really comes through during the chorus. The pre-chorus was this smoothness to it, which makes the chorus punchier. The ‘Talk Talk Talk’ and ‘Love Love Love’ hooks that follow the choruses were very catchy and hard to get out of your head. I like how they stripped the instrumental at the every end, but retained the hook and created this purified outro. I was definitely a fan of that. Vocally and rapping-wise, Ride With U is a strong song. The bridge was also standout moment, really showing those strong vocals and rapping. (9/10)

4. Got Me in ChainsGot Me in Chains definitely got me with its instrumentation. I really like all the textures within Got Me in Chains, which really helped make the song really appealing. Even the subtle ones stood out for me. There were a few parts in which we only get to hear the instrumental in its raw form, and those were the best parts of the song. That however does not outshine the other aspects of Got Me in Chains. The vocal work in this song is pretty damn good, showcasing a sensual vibe during the chorus of the song. The rapping felt clean and neat for this song, which I think is a positive aspect of Got Me in Chains and works well with the sensual vibes from the rest of the song. (9/10)

5. Just Love – MONSTA X takes it down a step with Just Love, a R&B track. The guitar work in this song is very much in the forefront of the song with the vocals. It definitely helps make Just Love fulfilling, and less bare. Half of me is appreciative of this, the other half didn’t like it as much. The vocal work from all the members sounds super good. Even the rappers, in addition to their rapping duties, surprised with solid vocals during the chorus. A satisfying listen overall. (8/10)

6. MercyMercy turns up the dramatic vibe thanks to the combination of orchestra and electronic instrumentation, and this creates a different style of intensity than when I mention intensity in the above songs. Mercy is loaded up with this dramatic style of intensity and I feel that the song is perfect as a OST during the peak of drama or movie where the drama is very heavy between a couple or just people in general. MONSTA X’s vocals added onto that intensity with impactful lines and the rapping we got in Mercy was extremely thrilling and felt ‘edge of your seat’ like. Definitely my style of song and one of my favorites off the album. (10/10)

7. I Got Love – The album ends with a R&B track that ultimately focuses on vocals from all members. I enjoyed their vocals for the most part and you can feel the genuineness behind their vocals. The ‘I Got Love’ line stands out in a memorable manner. The instrumentation was a bit plain but had a nice sleekness to it, going with soft trap and hip-hop direction. It is quite consistent throughout, which made it less appealing as we got to the end. (7/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.1/10

NO LIMIT Teaser Image

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