[Weekly KPOP Chart] 2nd Week of January 2022

Welcome all to the next Weekly KPOP Chart post of the year – for the 2nd Week of January 2022! It was another big week with a lot of new releases (as you can see from the list below). And it has been a busy weekend thus far. I know I made promises for a certain album review earlier in the week, but I will be shifting my focus onto completing preparations of the 2021 KPOPREVIEWED Awards and End of Year Charts, as I am very near to finishing them. I am hoping to announce the winners out sometime at the end of the week or the upcoming weekend. Once I have finalize them, the album review will be my next focus. Until then (and the other reviews I will be writing this week), here are the Weekly KPOP Charts for the 2nd Week of January 2022.

New releases of the Week

In addition to ENHYPEN’s Blessed-Cursed, Kim Yo Han’s DESSERT, MIRAE’s Marvelous, Max Changmin’s Fever, Maniac and Devil, and OnlyOneOf’s skinz, here are the other releases of the week:

  • Cinderella – D-ART
  • Road in the Light – SWAN (CRAXY)
  • Layin’ Low – Hyolyn ft. Jooyoung
  • Slow Dance – Kangta
  • Adrenaline – KOM (N.O.M)
  • You, Me = Us – LUHA & Go Hyeon
  • Yummy Yummy Love – Momoland & Natti Natasha

Throwback corner

This week’s throwback song is Fiestar’s You’re Pitiful. It came up on my YouTube suggestions, and I just clicked. Then I got into a Fiestar festival.

Non-Korean Release of the Week

As mentioned last week, I will still be featuring a non-Korean release in the Weekly KPOP Charts post, which would most likely be the highest ranking song of the week. For this week, the highest ranking non-Korean song is Amber Liu’s Don’t Dance (which ranks in the 43rd position).

The Charts

Congratulations to ENHYPEN for taking the top spot of KPOPREVIEWED’s Weekly KPOP Chart with their latest track, Blessed-Cursed, which was released earlier this week. For more of the charts, keep on reading!

2nd Week of Jan 20219th Jan – 15th Jan 2022
5ManiacMax Changmin (TVXQ)(NEW)
6ElevenIVE(▼ 4)
7Universe (Let’s Play Ball)NCT U(▲ 24)
8WA DA DAKep1er(▼ 7)
9The Real (Heung Version)ATEEZ(▼ 2)
10BeautifulNCT 2021(▲ 5)
11DevilMax Changmin (TVXQ)(NEW)
12FeverMax Changmin (TVXQ)(▲ 37)
14ShadowTHE MAN BLK(▲ 64)
15TNT (Truth & Trust)TRENDZ(▲ 35)
17ElectrifiedHa Sung Woon(▲ 56)
18Scars (Korean Version)Stray Kids(▲ 6)
19TurbulenceATEEZ(▼ 8)
20Who You AreBamBam (GOT7) ft. Seulgi (Red Velvet)(▲ 58)
21Crazy About YouUP10TION(▼ 18)
22GoosebumpsONF(▼ 13)
23TraumaSF9(▼ 15)
24UnforgettableKim Jae Hwan(▲ 11)
25Rush HourMONSTA X(▼ 11)
26Do It Like ThisP1Harmony(▼ 22)
27Happy Death DayXdinary Heroes(▲ 10)
28PeachesKai (EXO)(▼ 18)
29Winter FallsStray Kids(▼ 13)
30Solo ChristmasAilee & Wheein (Mamamoo)(▲ 48)

Songs leaving the charts this week

The following songs have left the charts this week as they have wrapped up their nine week run in the charts system:

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