You’Re Pitiful – FIESTAR

It is coming out weekly. I think I am going to stick to a schedule now. But I don’t my schedule yet. I’ll get back to you on that. Fiestar is back and finally. This time around the girls return with a more mature concept and of course they are sticking to the oh so catchy sexy concept as well. From the top of my head, the girls haven’t been doing much since their promotions of One More. This is what I don’t understand by some companies. Just because they don’t bring in the money does not mean you promote them once a year and then put them back into the dusty cupboard. If they have potential, to which many fans believe Fiestar does, then their company should be promoting the crap out of them (okay, moderately) to get them more well known in the industry. Once a year is just not going to satisfy your profit and also the fans.

As for the song, I think this song has so freaking much potential in the industry. Like I really love the everything about this song. It is addictive and it is really catchy.  Essentially, I really enjoyed listening to this song on repeat. Ever since it came out (with other songs) have been playing on repeat. Actually, their whole mini album was so great that I literally took all their songs and dumped it into my playlist which is usually for title songs only. The guitar sounds at the start with the beeping electronic sounds made the song pretty cool. The autotune on the vocals were pretty good and pretty much went well with the instrumental. The chorus was pretty catchy but I love Cao Lu’s part in the song. The rapping was pretty good as well, along with the transition from chorus to the rapping.

The music video was okay. Honestly, I felt it could have been a little better. I did recognise the dude. He played a role in the High School Love On series that just ended. And wow, he played a totally different role in this music video than in the drama. He leaves the girl when he is confronted about his coldness. In the music video we see him struggling to come to terms with the breakup and also see him calling his ex girlfriend. Yes, calling is going to get far when you haven’t plugged in the phone in to get connection. Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t see that girl being safe around that dude. He getting angry when things are not going his way kind of tells me that something needs to be done. He has bad anger issues that may need to get looked at. The set where they dance reminds me of History’s Psycho set. Not sure if it is an exact copy but it kind of looks like it to me.

I liked the dance. When I first saw it, I was like “another chair dance” but this song actually does not use the chairs that much. They sit and stand (yes, I just stated the function of the chair in 90% of the dances), but I liked more about the dance was the coats. That was a nice addition to the dance and it seems like it is used to represent the embrace of their partner, to which is rejected when it gets handed back.

Song and dance are pretty good while the music video could have been a little bit better. 8.5/10

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