[Review] Can’t Control Myself – Taeyeon (SNSD)

Next up is Taeyeon’s Can’t Control Myself, which is the pre-release single for her upcoming third studio album. Her last release was Weekend, back in July of last year. Now regarding this soon-to-be-released album, all we know at this current stage is that it will be dropping some time in February and will feature Can’t Control Myself. Other than that, we are still awaiting further teasers, hints and other tidbits from Taeyeon or SM Entertainment. Until then, here is my review for Can’t Control Myself.

Can’t Control Myself is a ballad that showcases Taeyeon’s vocals, as most ballads do for the singer that is performing them. And like usual, Taeyeon sounds really great in the song. The melodies are also quite gripping to listen to. But what make Can’t Control Myself different to other ballads is the presence of the punk that we get in the chorus, which amps up the song to a whole new level and makes it relatively more powerful. It is also brings a different sound and dynamic to the genre than acoustic, rock or classical ballads that are in abundance in the KPOP industry. Other parts of the song that were quite impressive as well was that guitar work we get in the first pre-chorus (it felt like it was an acoustic guitar, and if so, then the transition between it and the electric guitar in the chorus was quite powerful) and the pairing of the piano melody and the English lines in the bridge (i.e. ‘Feels like heaven, feels like hell‘, the sarcastic laughs and ‘… I don’t care‘). The emptiness behind this sequence alone and the memorable nature of the melody around these lines in the bridge is another reason (on top of the punk ballad sound) to why I have revisited Can’t Control Myself so many times tonight already.

The song is all about how longing for love from someone who would cause them pain in the end (taken from SOOMPI). In this music video, we see the aftermath of a breakdown of Taeyeon’s relationship. This breakup, despite she knowing what it would do to her, literally destroys Taeyeon, who subsequently kills him at some point. Note that she is washing her hands of blood at the start of the video whilst still wearing a ring. That start has to be in the video for a reason. I am guessing she couldn’t accept reality and kills him. What we see on stage (the performance of how they meet and reunite) were all fragments of her imagination and not a retelling of their relationship (i.e. how they met etc.). Instead, I think he is literally attached to this ‘perfect’ world that she had created for herself on stage, where they are preforming the perfect love story. But when we see him backstage and behind the crowd of reporters, Taeyeon is just broken. The way he also carries on as if nothing is happening (i.e. no awkwardness, no anger, no happiness) seems to back up the theory that he is dead, is quite haunting and is a ghost that only Taeyeon can see and hence is constantly being reminded of. This theory also explains why he continued acting as a stage actor at the end of the video, and why no one noticed Taeyeon’s massive breakdown on stage (which I think the constant reminder was a breaking point for her). I hope this theory makes sense, as I think it explains a lot and is quite a different story to have.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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