[Review] Weekend – Taeyeon (SNSD)

Taeyeon is officially back with a new single! Earlier this week, Taeyeon made her solo comeback with Weekend. This is her first release since What Do I Call You?, the lead single from her December comeback and fourth mini-album (of the same name). It has been relative quiet for Taeyeon since then. However, this quietness from the soloist may be a good thing, with rumours of a SNSD comeback happening later this year. It was rumoured earlier in the year that the eight members of SNSD were lining up their schedules for a mid-year comeback. Well, we just passed the mid-year point of 2021 but no confirmation yet. But no confirmation doesn’t mean anything, particularly since none of the members are actively promoting (aside from Taeyeon for this comeback) and could pretty much well be preparing for an under-wraps comeback. Fingers-crossed!

But first, a closer listen to Taeyeon’s Weekend. For me, Weekend is one of those ‘pleasant but nothing more’ types of song. It is enjoyable and has a nice polished energy to it. I wouldn’t mind listening to it when it is on my playlist. But it isn’t a song that I would really go out of my way to listen to. Weekend taps into the current growing retro trend, combining the likes of city pop and disco elements together to create a song that appeals to the listeners and fans of both trends in KPOP. While the music is upbeat and chilled in a way, it isn’t as memorable as per some of previous works. And that is also compared to other works from other artists who have dabbled in similar sounds and music. What I did like was the lightness of the instrumentation, which in turns compliments the soloist’s vocals. Taeyeon sings Weekend with at a higher note than what she usually does and with falsetto. And this in combination with the retro instrumentation gives off the lightness illusion, which helps create an appealing pleasant tone for the song. I also enjoyed the ascending melody we get in the pre-chorus (and lesser so in the bridge of the song). The most interesting part of Weekend has to be the rapping in the second verse. I personally liked it and the way it was handed to us felt like it was a no-commitment style to something that could have disrupted the light tone. It also helped keep the song falling into that consistent trance that would have otherwise neutralised any appeal of the song. Overall, Weekend is enjoyable and pleasant. I felt more can be done to make the song more appealing, but it is still a nice listen to chill to.

And chill is part of the message of Weekend‘s lyrics. To be more exact, Taeyeon tells us to enjoy our weekends with no hesitations to do what we like. And the music video appropriately shows Taeyeon relaxing in the clouds, after a lot of work. For the music video, it conveniently features a time-stop concept, allowing Taeyeon’s relaxation to be extended indefinitely. We unfortunately do not have that luxury, though we should always try to do something we enjoy other than work (whatever that may be). I like the pastel colours of the music video, which compliment the light tone of the song. Nothing is harsh and the music video has a feel-good type of feel to it, which is appropriate for the message. A decent music video, overall.

A strong centre of balance is required for the chorus for the music video. It might not look too difficult, but combined with everything else you need to do on stage (remembering choreography, lines, live singing etc.), I am sure it is remarkably difficult. Altogether, the performance is equally as pleasant as the song was.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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