[Review] Catch The Stars – woo!ah!

Next up is woo!ah!, who made their comeback with the single Catch The Stars at the start of this year (January 4). This is also my first time reviewing a woo!ah! release. They are currently a five member female group from NV Entertainment who debuted back in 2020, and the group consists of Nana, Wooyeon, Sora, Lucy and Minseo. There was originally a sixth member, Seonghee, but she left the group a few months after they debuted with their self-titled song, woo!ah!. The group then made two comebacks since then – Bad Girl and Purple. But today, I will be focusing on that January 4 release, Catch The Stars.

Personally, I am not familiar with woo!ah!’s singles. I do remember they were on my Weekly KPOP Charts segment, but I didn’t really pay much attention to them. Fortunately, their latest single did not lead to the same outcome. Instead, Catch The Stars really caught my attention due to its vibrant and upbeat funky pop energy. The guitars are just so good in this song! I can’t help but stop whatever I am doing and mouth along to the song (because me singing would be very embarrassing and might even ruin my day). A bit of a dance might also ensue if I am in an especially good mood, which Catch The Stars steers me down as well. It is also a cute and fun track. Cute songs aren’t usually my style, but it is hard to not remember the old days when KPOP was built on these cute tracks, and Catch The Stars reminds me of that era. What also sells Catch The Stars to me even more are the addictive hooks. The ‘Woo lah la la‘ hook in chorus was super catchy and very memorable. Vocally, this is a very strong showing from the members and I really liked how the rapping came naturally to this song (i.e. it didn’t get its own specific instrumental sequence). Overall, Catch The Stars earns woo!ah! two wins – an awesome song that I very much dig and it puts the group on my radar now!

The music video goes down a typical school girl concept, but the members have very vivid imaginations daydreaming about adventures into space. It compliments the lyrics. I found the cuteness of the members and the video to be quite refreshing in this current era. That says a lot, given that cutesy concepts aren’t my thing either! I did like how the video highlighted the hook/some of the English phrases in the song, by having the actual wording appear on our screen.

The choreography for this comeback was pretty good. Nothing that impressive, but it fits the bill for the song. I also found myself smiling whilst watching their performances, which tells me that the members did an amazing job bringing such a fun and energetic vibe to the stage.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10

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