[Weekly KPOP Chart] 2nd Week of February 2022

As flagged in last week’s Weekly KPOP Chart post, the week that just past ended up being a slightly busier week than the one that preceded it! And the next week is looking to be busier with some big name acts returning, including APINK, TREASURE, Taeyeon (SNSD) WONHO and former MISS A member Suzy confirmed for releases this week. And as usual, before I can proceed with any review in the new week, here is the Weekly KPOP Chart for this past week – 2nd Week of February 2022.

New releases of the Week

On top of this week’s new releases that did get a review (i.e. WONPIL’s Voiceless, VIVIZ’s BOP BOP!, Ha Sung Woon’s Can’t Live Without You and Moonbin & Sanha’s Ghost Town), we also saw the following releases drop:

  • Delight – Rolling Quartz
  • Love Message – Parc Jae Jung
  • Need You (Outro) – G.Soul
  • Ghost Town – Moonbin & Sanha (ASTRO)
  • suit dance – OnlyOneOf

Throwback Corner

This week’s throwback corner song is Girl Next Door’s Deep Blue Eyes, a project single from 2017 from the TV show, Idol Drama Operation Team. The project single features Mamamoo’s Moonbyul, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, Nature’s Kim So Hee, former Sonamoo member D.ana, Oh My Girl’s YooA, former Lovelyz member Sujeong and now-solo artist Jeon Somi.

Non-Korean Release of the Week

The highest ranking non-Korean song this week is Jeon Somi’s all-English side track single, Anymore, from her first studio album, XOXO. A music video was released for this single at the end of last year.

The Charts

Congratulations to fromis_9 for rising to the top spot of KPOPREVIEWED’s Weekly KPOP Chart with their latest single, DM. For more of the charts, keep on reading!

2nd Week of Feb 20226th Feb – 12th Feb 2022
2LUNATICMoonbyul (Mamamoo)(▲ 3)
3HeartbreakMinho (SHINee)(▲ 11)
4Feelin’ LikePENTAGON(▼ 2)
5DevilMax Changmin (TVXQ)(▲ 73)
7Layin’ LowHyolyn ft. Jooyoung(▲ 26)
8Can’t Live Without YouHa Sung Woon(NEW)
9Ghost TownMoonbin & Sanha (ASTRO)(NEW)
101, 2, 3AB6IX(▲ 3)
11VoicelessWONPIL (DAY6)(NEW)
12nostalgiaJUNNY & JAY B (GOT7) ft. Lullaboy(▲ 46)
13VillainDRIPPIN(▲ 14)
14DMfromis_9(▼ 13)
15Blessed-CursedENHYPEN(▲ 15)
16BeautifulNCT 2021(▲ 27)
17skinzOnlyOneOf(▲ 20)
18FrozenTaehwan (VANNER)(▲ 60)
19DESSERTKim Yo Han (WEi)(▼ 2)
20Universe_ONEWE(▲ 58)
21TNT (Trust & Truth)TRENDZ(▼ 17)
22Just BreathJinJin & Rocky (ASTRO)(▲ 48)
23ManiacMax Changmin (TVXQ)(▲ 46)
24WA DA DAKep1er(▼ 6)
25PlayYuju(▼ 22)
26BecauseASH ISLAND(▲ 50)
27AdrenalineKOM (N.O.M)(▲ 5)
28Make Me HappyWheein (Mamamoo)(▲ 50)
29FeverMax Changmin (TVXQ)(▲ 44)
30Runaway1iL(▲ 48)

Songs leaving the charts this week

The following songs have left the charts this week as they have wrapped up their nine week run in the charts system:

  • Fantabulous – Minzy
  • Night (Winter Ver.) – DREAMNOTE
  • G999 – Moonbyul (Mamamoo) ft. Minari
  • snowy night – Billlie
  • dance with me – Kim Jeong Uk
  • Beautiful – NCT 2021
  • Call Me – PIXY
  • Walk With Me – Youngjae (GOT7)
  • White Love – LABOUM
  • Find Again – THE MAN BLK
  • Doughnut – TWICE

2 thoughts on “[Weekly KPOP Chart] 2nd Week of February 2022

    1. Thanks, I wanted a way to highlight some tracks, especially since I listen to a lot more than the newly released tracks or trendy songs. (I miss the second generation, which I haven’t featured too much of yet, and some disappearing third-generation groups). And there are so many underrated tracks that never got enough attention that I return to periodically!


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