[Review] BOP BOP! – VIVIZ

I flagged late last month in the review for Yuju’s Play that we will be seeing more of the former GFriend members in the near future, and the day has arrived. Eunha, Sin.B and Umji, who all signed with BPM Entertainment following GFriend’s unexpected disbandment, formed a brand new female trio group and made their re-debut yesterday under the name VIVIZ. For those who are wondering, BPM Entertainment is a relatively new company that is home Soyou, Huh Gak. Ha Sung Woon and Samuel. Back to VIVIZ, they kicked off their new chapter in their careers with the single BOP BOP! and mini-album Beam of Prism.

BOP BOP! is another groovy disco-esque retro track to add to the list of similar songs that we have heard recently. While it is oh so familiar sound to us listeners (and a relatively safe sound as well), this doesn’t really dampen the song’s initial impression – fun, lighthearted and bouncy. The verses (and bridge) in BOP BOP! were very forgettable for me and I personally felt like they left a big gaping hole in the song. Thankfully, BOP BOP! starts gaining momentum thanks to the pre-chorus that changes the direction and builds quite well towards the chorus. For the chorus, we are treated to a concentration of that funky disco-esque retro influence, but initially as an anti-drop-like sequence and then as a more substantial filled out chorus. For the first half of the chorus, I am not exactly a fan of it, but I don’t hate it (I kind of enjoyed it more the second time around it pops up). But I quite liked how satisfying the latter half of the chorus felt, which helped boost the entire chorus and made it more promising and memorable. Following the second chorus, we are treated a super fun and likeable dance break sequence. I just love the background ‘Bop Bop‘ that we get, which adds a dynamic touch to the rush of energy we get in this sequence. We get a different post-chorus sequence at the end, a bit meatier but also more typical. I wished they had kept the first post-chorus hook we got and added a few additional elements to end off the song in a more exciting stance. As for vocals, I think VIVIZ did a decent job. Was it the best effort ever? I don’t think so, but it was a nice reintroduction to the members whom we haven’t heard from in over a year. Overall, BOP BOP! is a decent debut track. I do hope they explore more unique sounds in the future.

Not entirely sure what is going on in this video, but I guess they are preparing for some party in outer space? And they run into some trouble from the command centre? But all is well, as they make it to the party and party it up at the end? That is my best guess and it is pretty boring if that is the case. Apart from the lackluster plotline, the music video had really nice lighting and decent sets. But nothing memorable to get me back to replay the video several more time.

The choreography for this release was quite nice. There is a youthful touch to it, and a cutesy vibe on top. But it isn’t overly saturated in either, which makes it easy to watch and enjoy. I do like the post-chorus sequences and the ‘Bop Bop‘ moves in the chorus.

Song – 7.5/10
Music Video – 6.5/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.3/10

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