Making his comeback today is WONHO, who returns with the single Eye On You and new single album, OBSESSION. This is the first comeback since his September release BLUE. It also follows a few Japanese releases, including On The Way ~ Embrace ~ (Wonho’s Japanese solo debut single – I will be reviewing this a later date in the International Song Reviews segment) and Winter Miracle.

EYE ON YOU is a decent comeback. It is an electro house pop track that has pretty darn good rough textures, but the instrumental maintains a hollow effect. The balance to get this on point is something I quite appreciate, as the song could have leaned too much to one side and it wouldn’t have been pleasing. I also appreciate the subtle groovy vibes of the instrumental, which added a bit of fun to the very serious and mature direction of how EYE ON YOU sounded. The roughed textures also brought out that raspy nature in Wonho’s voice. The autotune helped heighten this as well, making Wonho’s vocals quite blissful sounding in EYE ON YOU. However, the reason why I say EYE ON YOU is ‘decent’ is because I had hopes the song was going places. But EYE ON YOU never really resulted in that. Instead, it stayed pretty stagnant throughout. There were some mini curveballs throughout the song, such as the delayed drop that headed the second chorus, the more atmospheric bridge (that ultimately stayed within the boundaries that were set by the instrumentation), and an extension sequence at the end of the song that felt purely like an extension of the chorus (and didn’t add much to the final moments of the song). As implied, none really cause much difference, and so EYE ON YOU felt pretty much the same throughout. I wished there was some sort of change, maybe a hard-hitting instrumental break or some sort of amped up final chorus to really bring the song home and/or give it a bit more bite.

Tight shirts, abs and clothing that shows off Wonho’s muscles (and in some cases teases us with them) definitely makes it a Wonho music video. Aside from his body (which is pretty much on display), I quite liked the various shots of Wonho and his closeups throughout the video. It looked artistic and cool, as well. I also felt the same way as with the sets. The colours used in this video really made Wonho stand out and that is one of the reason’s why the video really sells. The post-production also made the video cooler (my favourite was the smashed glass around the edges and towards the middles of the video). Even though the choreography and closeup set up was pretty standard, the video is still worth watching for the visuals.

The performance aspect of this comeback was pretty decent, just the like the song. I don’t have anything particularly negative to say about the performance. It just a bit dry and could have done with some more exciting moves. I did like the moments where Wonho was paired with the female dancer. That looked cool, and I feel like there could have been more chemistry had there been no mask on the female dancer (Wonho’s contribution was on point!). I also like picture-sque (at least in the music video) start and end of the performance, with the dancers forming a frame-like formation with their bodies around Wonho.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.7/10

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