[Review] Callin’ – Super Junior

Super Junior is one of the two acts that are first up this week. The legendary group has returned with special single album, titled The Road: Winter for Spring, and is lead with the title track, Callin’. This comes almost a year after the group’s comeback with their tenth studio album, The Renaissance, and title track House Party. And I believe that we will be seeing more of the group later this week, as it seems like the group will be promoting this new release, after news that Ryeowook would be sitting out of promotions as he recently tested positive to COVID-19.

Callin’ is a ballad that delves into the pop rock genre. It is quite a beautiful one that captivates me the few times I have listened to the song tonight already, which is undoubtedly a very positive effect. The melodies in Callin’ are very flowy and dreamy, while the vocal work amazes me and shows off the members in a stunning fashion. They are so clear and quite dominant, so much so that it is the focus point of the song. I am also absolutely liking the layering of vocals just before the chorus. It just gives Callin’ an interesting texture, refocuses my attention on the song, and makes it more than just a straight forward pop rock ballad. The harmonies also help adds definition to the main vocals, which enhances the stunning nature of Callin’. The instrumental is pretty standard for the genre selected, but I like how it compliments the vocals extremely well and aids in bolstering the vocals. There are some squeaky synths in Callin’ that seems like they are out of place, but I don’t mind them. They actually provided a bit of unique touch to the song, given their unique profile. Altogether, I find Callin’ to be an extremely inviting and warm aura track, which I am sure is the intended direction of the track judging by the lyrics (which talks about wanting to love despite of their past bad experiences).

I liked the animation at the start and end of the video and how it interlinked with the actual shots of the members in the home. It appears that the members had seek refuge in the home from the weather, which seems to represent the painful memories and bad experiences. They warm themselves up, which in turn reminds them the good memories, until they are ready to move on and ‘rediscover’ love. They also do a lot of reflection during this time. The animated ending shows them rediscovering the feeling of love after leaving the confines of the home, as expressed in the lyrics. Overall, a nice and well thought out video for a song like this.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.7/10

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