[Review] CHIQUITA – Rocket Punch

The second comeback that kicks off this week is Rocket Punch’s return with CHIQUITA and their Yellow Punch mini-album, which is their fourth one since debut. This new release follows Rocket Punch’s 2021 comebacks, which includes their awesome singles RING RING and (their Japanese debut single) Bubble Up.

CHIQUITA continues the retro sound that RING RING delved into. And CHIQUITA definitely satisfies with its retro influences. I love the 80s disco sound that the group draws upon in the chorus. It just hits in all the right spots for me. The bridge had this mature spin, which was extremely likeable. The double ending synthesizer extension we got at the end was also very satisfying, and provided that extra bit more in a classy way that CHIQUITA felt like it needed. The group also shows off vibrant vocals that make CHIQUITA punchier and louder, which takes the song to the next level for me. The utterances of the title, CHIQUITA, had this elegant feel to it, while the melodies had a bold and memorable feel to it. But while it seems like the song is getting all praises, there were some minor touchup the producers could have done to really take it up further to the next level. The first is in regards to the verses, which felt slightly underwhelming and a tad empty for my liking. It just felt like there was a slight imbalance between retro influences, giving the impression that the verses were slightly weaker. I wished it was had more retro detailing/touches to make it feel bolder and on par with the chorus. The second are their vocals in the later parts of the CHIQUITA. I wished the producers played around a bit more to give CHIQUITA‘s last chorus (in particular) an extra boost and concentration of energy. But as mentioned, they are minor things. CHIQUITA, as presented, is a great song already!

Like the song, the video also takes on a retro concept. While there was some nice visuals and effects in the music video, I felt like more could have been done to make this video look more retro. This would have made the video much more exciting to watch and probably reel myself in for a few more replays. What we got was heading in the right direction, but lacked some elements (for example, more disco balls and neon lights, more outfits that align with that era) for me to call it a pure retro concept fitting for the music.

The choreography was quite good. I really enjoyed the chorus routine, which really hit the spot alongside the song. I also enjoyed the spinning of half the group at the start of the routine, and the bridge sequence as well.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.2/10

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