It is a new week, with all new releases and comebacks making their way to us. First up this week is HIGHLIGHT’s return with DAYDREAM, the lead title track and the title of their 1st (or their 4th, depending on how you look at it) Korean studio album. For those who are wondering why ‘4th’, HIGHLIGHT released three studio length albums under their previous group name BEAST, with their most recent one dropping in 2016 (Highlight, featuring the title track Ribbon). This is their first comeback since their 2021 release of The Blowing and Not The End.

As it stands, DAYDREAM sounds like your typical dance track. Nothing more, nothing less. It is not a bad track, but it just doesn’t really offer anything new to the string of new releases we have been getting or the music scene nowadays. The verses were rather plain, so much so that it ironically makes me daydream/lose focus from the song (I blame this more on the instrumentation though). There are a few good aspects of DAYDREAM that manages to push the track into likeable territory for me, and so I don’t find the song to be as boring. For example, I quite liked the heavy punches that the chorus instrumental gives the song. It definitely wakes you up and gives DAYDREAM into a dynamic profile. The stripped back and suspenseful start to the final chorus, even though is a technique found commonly throughout songs released over the years, was actually my favourite part of the song. As for the vocal work, HIGHLIGHT did a great job. They were quite emotive, which worked well with the lyrics of the song where they express their desire to not wake up from a daydream to face reality of life without the one they love (taken from SOOMPI). The melodies were pleasant and enjoyable. I just wish DAYDREAM was a lot more appealing else going on in the other sections that I didn’t find as engaging or have not mentioned. Maybe a bit of rapping could have spiced up DAYDREAM.

Seeing HIGHLIGHT in whatever form, whether new or old, is quite nostalgic. And this music video is no exception. I liked their visuals and the various closeup shots they had in the video. The sets and scenery looked cool and visually appealing. However, the music video is simply just that and choreography shots. I did notice some visual effects in the video, which I presume is to give off a daydreamy effect. But I don’t think they hit the mark, at least in my opinion.

The choreography looks good. I liked the looks of the chorus routine and how it matches with more upbeat and charged sections of the song. I am interested in the snippets of footwork. I doubt they would be as iconic as their 2011 Fiction release, but I had a bit of a throwback vibe thanks to what I saw in the music video. Not exactly sure what the slower moments of the track would look like, but I presume there will be some contrast to hopefully make the chorus pop out on stage.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.2/10

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