[Review] Feel My Rhythm – Red Velvet

Also making their comeback at the start of this week is Red Velvet, who returns with their latest mini-album The ReVe Festival 2022 โ€“ Feel My Rhythm, a sequel to their The ReVe Festival series (featuring Zimzalabim, Umpah Umpah and Psycho) from 2019. Headlining the new release is the title track Feel My Rhythm. It follows their promotions for Queendom from last year.

There is a bit to unpack with Feel My Rhythm. The song comes off as a mash up of both their ‘Red’ and ‘Velvet’ side. That is, their more energetic and colourful side vs. their softer and mature side (respectively). The ‘Velvet’ side of the song makes its presence known first with it being samples of Bach’s Air on the G String orchestral piece. The ‘Red’ side makes a presence shortly after, coming in the form of the metallic twing and twangs, percussion and the modern aspects of Feel My Rhythm. For the most part, the two profiles compliment well with one another. There were moments in which the ‘Red’ side overly dominated. And while I did not mind one side dominating over the other, these moments (say the instrumental to the rap verse and the bridge) were slightly overwhelming. The group’s vocals were very delicate and soothing in the song, despite what the instrumental had going on. Their higher tones sounded heavenly, and I liked how the members were able to harmonise alongside the melodies of the samples from Bach’s infamous piece. The rapping was a bit of a sore point in the song, particularly in that second verse and that glitchy part of the bridge. It is the case where it felt either too long or just awkwardly inserted in between two great parts (respectively). On the other hand, the first rapping part in the bridge provided a nice touch to help propel Feel My Rhythm towards the peak. Overall, I liked how Red Velvet stayed true to themselves with Feel My Rhythm, utilising both side of their artistry. However, that doesn’t stop me from having a mixed bag of feelings towards the song.

The music video is quite interesting. I am not entirely sure what it showing, but there is definitely a story of some kind that ties together all the spectacular visuals we get of the members. Some of the shots of the members gave me creepy vibes and those birds (no matter what colour) were very terrifying to watch. But I am all for this because it made the video captivating. I also like the sketch filter they had going on with the start and start of the final chorus. It looked cool and felt like the story came from some picture book (probably did, for all I know).

The choreography shots we saw in the video shows a refreshing vibe and delicate set of moves that compliments the song. This plays towards the Velvet side of the song I mentioned, which I personally think was the suitable choice for this song. It also follows nicely from their Queendom comeback last year.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.3/10

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