[Album Review] VILLAIN (3rd Mini Album) – DRIPPIN

The album review that I was supposed to post last weekend (which ended up being delayed to Monday and then Wednesday) was for DRIPPIN’s third mini-album, VILLAIN. It is also another January release (only three months behind now, no biggie). The mini-album features the title track that shares the same name as the mini-album, an introductory track and four side tracks.

VILLAIN is the first time I am covering DRIPPIN in the album review segment. I remember vetting the album way back in January to see whether I should write an album review for it, and it got my attention then (that explains the existence of this album review). While my excitement for the album and its track has probably evaporated over the last three months, I am still keen on looking at new artists in segments. Furthermore, one of the songs on the album earns a 10/10 rating from me. Keep on reading to find out which one!

VILLAIN Album Cover

1. 7Villaz – DRIPPIN sets the tone for this mini-album with the super intense and powerful intro EDM track, 7Vilaz. It contains samples of the title track’s main hook in the background, which is a nice way to tie the intro to the title track (which is next up on the album). It has been a while since I heard some I was describe as high octane, so this is quite a fulfilling piece. (8/10)

2. VILLAIN (Title Track) Click here to read the full review for VILLAIN. (8/10)

3. Switch Switch continues on from VILLAIN with a groovier instrumental. If I had to describe it in a particular way, I would say that Switch’s instrumental sounded almost ‘retro sci-fi like’. There is also a familiarity with Switch’s background. Aside from that, Switch had a lot of good energy and momentum, which makes it is a very satisfying side track. In addition to that, you have solid vocals and rapping from the members. My favourite parts have to be pre-choruses and the brief rap sequence at the end of the bridge that starts off with the line ‘Break the rules’. Both were memorable manners of delivery, in my opinion. (9/10)

4. SHY – The album mellows out a bit with SHY. To me, it sounds like a nice summery track that sounds sweet and cheerful. There were a few good hooks in the song that helped make SHY pleasant and enjoyable. It isn’t the most amazing track on the album (it is more so typical), but still a decent listen. (7/10)

5. DelusionDelusion is my pick for best side on this album release. The intensity that comes from this track is one reason (and leads into the next). Another reason is that when I listen to this song, I am picturing an action-based story music video would be the ideal accompaniment to the song. Furthermore, I liked the consistent vocals in Delusion, which brought forth an emotive side to the song. I found that quite interesting and I am all for it, as it has impact. (10/10)

6. Remember – The album ends with another summery sounding track, thanks to the tropical elements of Remember’s instrumentation. Its upbeat and quite satisfying to listen to. Like the other summery track on this album, Remember isn’t as memorable as the other side tracks on the album. I wished it (and SHY) was released on a separate summer album, that way the song would feel more ‘at home’ and give way for DRIPPIN to deliver a more consistent album. (7.5/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.3/10

VILLAIN Teaser Image

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