[Review] memeM – PURPLE KISS

Another group to make their comeback this week was PURPLE KISS, who returns with their third mini-album and title track, both titled memeM. This is their first comeback, following their debut with Ponzona early last year and Zombie comeback in September of last year.

memeM feels like it is a song that sounds like it has been done elsewhere in KPOP before. It feels familiar, but not nostalgic as I mentioned in my last review. Rather, it is more typical. And this is the case of most synth heavy dance tracks in KPOP nowadays. Of course, there is the odd release that I like as it comes off as fresh. But for the most part, songs like memeM don’t really offer anything new to the playing field. At least the producers of memeM and PURPLE KISS were able to infuse a few elements that gives the new song some uniqueness and individuality. Such elements include a unique repetitive hook, the ‘Look at my eyes, Deep inside...’ line over no instrumentation that opens up the second verse and, interesting vocal textures and deliveries (which includes that soaring high note). Whether they are enough, I can’t be 100% sure. Talking about vocals (which also leads onto their rapping), I did enjoy how powerful the members were throughout memeM. This helps creates a powerful tone and adds onto the already powerful nature of the metallic and clangy instrumentation. One thing I thought was a massive letdown to the song was the ending, in particular that weakening/winding down ‘memeM‘. After such power and energy in memeM, the ending just weakens the integrity of the song for me. Overall, a fair comeback. Though I wish to see more individuality from the group.

I was amazed with this music video. The spinning mirrors during the first dance shot, the floating black orbs and the other dance shot with the arms in the background (which zoomed out was inside a statue’s head) was super cool. I would love to see more of this imagery in future music videos. The closeups help give off an edgy vibe, which suits the powerful nature of the video. Other post-production edits applied to the video made it look cooler. Overall, I am impressed with this music video.

The choreography looks good, as well (based on what I can see in the music video). I like the intensity, edginess and darkness they infused into the choreography. It matches the powerful nature of the song and shows off their performance skills.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.2/10

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