[Review] BLOOM – Yoon Ji Sung

Another solo comeback that occurred during the week was Yoon Ji Sung, who returns to the stage with the single BLOOM and his third mini-album, MIRO. This is Yoon Ji Sung’s first comeback in a year, following Love Song. This is also his first release under a new entertainment company, DG Entertainment.

BLOOM is a sweet and pleasant song, consisting of a city-pop instrumental. It is not the knockout track that Yoon Ji Sung needs in his solo work, but it suffices. There wasn’t a second whilst listening to the song since its release did I find it boring, which actually surprised me, given that I find BLOOM to be one of those that are consistent from start to end (and I tend to find that a bit draining). However, time will tell if that statement holds true or not. What I like about BLOOM is how dreamy everything felt. Yoon Ji Sung’s vocals were extremely pleasant and definitely captivated me. The melodies were smooth, peaceful and soothing to listen to. And I liked how the instrumental doesn’t overpower. Even when the guitar solo moment came into play, it all balanced out. Sure, the song could have used a bit more of something, just to give it a bit more uniqueness (but not lose its sweet and pleasant charms). Maybe this something could have been in the bridge, as that was where I felt the least pull. But what BLOOM ended up giving us is quite nice and enjoyable.

As the name suggests and the season in which South Korea is currently in (i.e. Spring), it is expected that the flowers would make some sort of presence in this music video. Well, we ended up getting a heavy presence of them. They definitely made the video pretty to watch. The colours of the flowers and the green leaves really popped out in this video, with all other colours appearing pale in comparison. Other than that, this video isn’t my cup of tea. But it worked well with the song.

The choreography for this comeback was good. But I felt that they tried to jam a lot into the routine, which I didn’t think was necessary for this track. The choreography should have been more graceful. Also, it looked a bit awkward with Yoon Ji Sung dancing alone, whilst the dancers were paired off. I wished they had another dancer to pair with Yoon Ji Sung, just so that the performance looks a little natural.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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