[Review] Savior – Kim Sung Kyu (Infinite)

Time to jump back to last week, with the next review focusing on Kim Sung Kyu’s solo comeback, Savior. Savior is the title track off Kim Sung Kyu’s fourth mini-album which shares the same name. This is Kim Sung Kyu’s first release following last year’s departure from Woolim Entertainment, him signing on with Double H TNE, and the release of HUSH and Won’t Forget You. He is also due to continue his domestic tour of South Korea, which began earlier this month in Seoul.

To me, Savior is a throwback to Kim Sung Kyu’s past solo work. If you were to put his past solo releases side by side with this latest one, this one would blend right in. And I quite like the idea of that. While I am a strong advocate for artists to change their music style once in a while, Kim Sung Kyu is one of those acts that I am happy to stay within the rock realm, simply because he will explore different areas of the genre each time he releases new music. This time around, Savior is a mid-tempo pop rock sound that has stunning potential. I find the pop rock instrumental to just extremely satisfying. The mix of ethereal synths alongside the rock gives Savior that potential I mentioned. I also find that Savior doesn’t overwhelm nor overpower, which is why I like Kim Sung Kyu’s music so much. He knows how to make his vocals standout, and he ensures the rock backing (no matter what style he is diving into) assists with this. I do think the instrumental can go slightly bolder in some parts, just to give Savior some oomph, but what we got is another case of ‘good enough’. As I have touched on already, Kim Sung Kyu’s vocals are amazing throughout the song. There is a warm and comforting feeling to his vocals. This might just be the nostalgia speaking, but I find this tone to work well with the lyrics of the song. I also like the power he adds to his vocals during the chorus, which helps makes the piece more riveting. The ‘Ooh Wa Ah Ah~‘ was quite catchy. I also really like the heavenly touch the falsetto gives Savior at the very end. Overall, Savior is a great single to return to the industry with for Kim Sung Kyu, and I am definitely looking forward to more work from the soloist into the future (and a potential Infinite reunion, please!).

I quite liked the artistic yet simple nature of the music video. It doesn’t overcomplicate or clash with the song, which is just perfect. It is all shot in a studio, but the scenes all look much more than just a studio. To me, each scene (whether it was the boat scene or with the band) went beyond the boundaries of the studio, and this made it looks effortlessly stunning to watch. In particular, I feel like the video touched on that ethereal description I had for the synths in the song. Whoever produced and/or directed this video did an amazing job. I do have to say some of Kim Sung Kyu outfits though looked a bit awkward. But apart from that, its a great video.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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