[Review] CRAZY – WONHO

One of the new comebacks that started off this new week is WONHO’s, who returns with his new mini-album, FACADE, on Monday. Featured on this new mini-album is the title track CRAZY, which follows his earlier comeback of this year, EYE ON YOU, from February.

CRAZY knows exactly how to tease, opting for a uniquely groovy and sensual atmosphere that only an artist like WONHO can pull off. I can think of a few artists who may have potential to deliver part of what CRAZY achieves, but no one could nail this exact vibe like how WONHO has. I love the feeling that CRAZY leaves behind once I am finished listening to the song – I simply want more from the track. But in a good way, as in I want to go back to CRAZY to continuously satisfy my craving for that groovy undertone that oozes from the song and the brief rock detailing that adds a refined sense of oomph and abrasiveness to the song that makes the chorus so damn good. The track intentionally under delivers by just a hair, just to get me to click that replay button one more time – but time and time again. CRAZY starts off with and revisits these crunchy yet deep rap-like vocals. As far as I am aware, no one is attributed to these vocals, which are worked into the background. But they kick off the title track with some flair and excitement. Following that, an electronic bass riff kicks in and this is followed up with WONHO’s sleek and silky vocals. The verses a bit bland, if I have to suggest something critical about CRAZY. But that is easily overlooked once the chorus kicks in, coming off as how I have already describe the track with the groovy underlay and the rock detailing. In hindsight, I do think the bridge could have gone further, just to prevent the song from being overly consistent and push the boundaries a bit. But overall, CRAZY is a top notch track that plays towards WONHO’s strengths.

It is not a WONHO video if he is not teasing us visually as well. And it is definitely not a WONHO video without some form of abs or muscles showing. Aside from the usual talk of muscles and abs, there is a modern aesthetic that suits CRAZY so well. The simplicity from those choreography sets is wonderful and much appreciated, given the amount of dancers that accompanies WONHO for this comebacks. However, I do like the busy nature of the car yard scenes and the some of the solo sets thanks to the way the background is staged or the lights. The ending is a bit cryptic, with the massive head and mouth opening up. I wonder if this is the start to some series (or are we possibly already in the midst of some series?).

The choreography for this comeback is lowkey, but I like how it took on that groovy feel. It definitely looks cool. It fits in with the music, as the music doesn’t really call for much intensity. However, I did like the intensity that WONHO and the dancers delivered for the final sequence, and like how they eased out with a slow rock vibe. I also like the domino effect the female dancers delivered in the second pre-chorus.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.9/10

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