[Review] Future Perfect (Pass the MIC) – ENHYPEN

Kick starting this week is ENHYPEN, who makes their return with with their new single Future Perfect (Pass the MIC) and their third mini-album MANIFESTO: DAY 1. This follows Blessed-Cursed (their Korean comeback from earlier this year) and the release of Always (their first Japanese single, which was also released early this year).

Moving on from their last series of title tracks, it appears that ENHYPEN has gone with a tougher and powerful sound with this comeback. While it was executed successfully, I do think Future Perfect was mundane. There were parts this in hip-hop based track that I wished went a bit harder and should have had more bite too it. For example, the hype parts of the song, such as the final round of the chorus, didn’t really add much energy to the song. This would have been the perfect opportunity to finish off Future Perfect in an energy tense manner that really drives the song home, but this was not the case. In addition, the ending just kind of came along, and to me Future Perfect didn’t finish in a satisfying enough manner. Other parts of Future Perfect felt quite satisfying, such as the vocals in the pre-chorus, which gave us a nice breather from the rapping before it and following it in the chorus. I also liked how they fit into the bigger picture. The brass elements in the chorus of Future Perfect gave the song a subtle yet effective fanfare element which made the chorus interesting for me. I also didn’t mind the shouty nature of the chorus, though I wished their delivery a tad more dynamic and possibly had catchier hooks somewhere. Overall, Future Perfect is a fair song, but it is a step (once again) into more typical territory for me. And I wished ENHYPEN (and the producers of Future Perfect) did more with the song.

Based the ending title card, it appears that this music video is connected to ENHYPEN’s fictional webtoon, Dark Moon: The Blood Altar. It sounds cool in theory. But as someone who has not seen the webtoon, I can’t tell what is going on. Cloaked figures are being burned alive, while other cloak figures are watching the members. There is some time travel involving a stop watch. And a private jet as well. All of this was done in an urban setting. If there was context, maybe the darker themes of the video would make more sense. But to me, this video features random scenes with a very thin string to bind it all together.

The performance definitely shows off a tough and powerful exterior to the members/group, fitting for the song that went down that path in terms of sound. Nothing really stood out at me for the choreography, though I did like how aggressive and serious their facial expressions and how captivating it was to watch them perform this track, as a result.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7/10

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