ENHYPEN makes their comeback this week with their new darkened tone single BITE ME and their fourth mini-album DARK BLOOD. It follows the group’s third mini-album MANIFESTO: DAY 1, the lead single from that release – Future Perfect (Pass The MIC), the group’s Japanese debut and their first world tour which wrapped earlier this year.

For me, BITE ME is an underbaked title track. There is a bit to enjoy in this track and there are some parts that could have been improved upon. In some cases, some parts could be removed entirely. It is a mixture that leaves me a bit confused. Per usual, let’s start on the positive aspects of BITE ME. The chorus instantly comes to mind. I really liked the more melodic approach that was taken in this comeback, which brings on a smoothness in the song that makes BITE ME appealing. The “Oh My, Oh My God” sequence within the verses was a highlight in my opinion, and gives the plainer verses a bit of a coolness to them. As for the vocals, I felt the members did a decent job. I liked the character they give the verses and the mini uptick drag at the end of each second line in the choruses. More could have been done, but I would put the vocals on the side of being a positive aspect of BITE ME. Moving onto the parts which I think could have been improved upon. I felt the song needed a more prominent rap sequence, something to really intensify the track and give it a bit of an edgy factor. Likewise, BITE ME could have used a bolder instrumental to give the song some flair. To me, they play it very safe with BITE ME, and I don’t think that is what the title of the song calls for. It is a bold title, and the momentum or direction of BITE ME just doesn’t get anywhere near what I had expected from the track. As for the parts that I think could have removed, there are two. The first is the ending/outro of the track. To me, it brought no value to BITE ME. I get that the track is an extremely short one – spanning just over 2.5 minutes for a title track. But it just doesn’t give BITE ME much. The second, and the one part that I feel most strongly about, is the chanting pre-choruses just before the choruses. It is a jarring change to the song that does not fit the rest of the song (but I guess they were trying to make it feel ‘ENHYPEN’) and disrupts the flow of the otherwise decent track. The song would have been so much better off without this part. Overall, there is an air of disappointment over BITE ME. I am hoping more listens will help convince me otherwise.

I really enjoyed the dark vibes that the music video had. I did expect something darker, based on the teaser images that were released in the lead up to the group’s comeback. But what we got fits the bill quite well without being too creepy. There were some really nice imagery, such as the members turning into coffins, the use of shadows and silhouette. The sets were cool, such the choreography set that had a stage that light up and colosseum-like walls. The lighting was well used in this video, as well, which goes back to the good use of shadows and silhouettes that I already mentioned. My favourite part of this entire video is that short sequence in the second “Oh My, Oh My God” segment, where the members faces transitioned into the next member. It literally spanned for two seconds, but it left a very strong impression on me.

A darker concept comeback can mean many things. But with a more melodic track like this one, the creation of a sensual atmosphere makes for a strong pairing and that comes through in the choreography. I really liked that they went with this direction. From what I can see in the music video, the chemistry between the members and the female dancers was spot on. I also enjoyed the edgy side of the choreography, which comes through that dreaded chanty pre-chorus.

Song – 6.5/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10


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