[Review] Nerdy – PURPLE KISS

PURPLE KISS made a quick comeback yesterday, just four months after their March memeM comeback. An album review for memeM (their third mini-album) is coming your way soon. But for now, PURPLE KISS has moved on to promote their new release, Nerdy, the title track off their fourth mini-album Geekyland.

Right off the bat, Nerdy stands out for its quirkiness. To me, it feels like PURPLE KISS could find a niche in KPOP with this quirky direction, given they also have Zombie in their bag (my favourite PURPLE KISS release to date). There are some other successful quirky releases floating about in KPOP, but it has been a minute. As a result of this, Nerdy comes off as having a new, unique and refreshing sound. More specifically, a fun horror like sound style. I personally quite enjoy this, appealing to my taste for something new (even if it isn’t in fact a new sound!). Nerdy‘s fun horror sound comes about from the violin samples in the instrumental and the vocal melodies that help bring everything to life. I quite liked how the violins samples were used thoughtfully, and how the vocals were bolstered in a way to appear powerful and strong. The violins in the dance break were definitely the peak moment of the song, and highlights that fun nature of Nerdy. The upbeat nature brought to you by the synths helps seal the deal by giving Nerdy a vibrant and catchy atmosphere. I do think Nerdy takes a bit of a tumble when it comes to hooks. I don’t think Nerdy was necessarily memorable on this front. But thankfully, the described instrumental, without a doubt, makes up for this memorability factor for me.

I quite like how the music video for Nerdy carries on that horror theme, but in a lighthearted manner to match the fun nature of the song. If the producers of this video thought of something else that wasn’t lighthearted, then I would have some questions. From what I can tell, the members of PURPLE KISS are ghosts in a TV studio. They have a bit of fun, haunting the studio and some of the personnel. But they also mean business, fixing up a disappointing horror show while they are at (because they are ghosts and they know best). In the end, they broadcast the revamped show, infect the world with their music and are able to escape the confines of the TV studio. We close out the video with some creepy laughter. I do think they could have added a bit more to the creepy factor at the end. But it was a great video, overall.

I can only speak about what we can see in the music video, as I have not seen a live performance or showcase for this release just yet. I quite like the bits and pieces of the choreography that I saw in the video, which goes really well with the vocal delivery we get in the song. I also like the girl crush concept they bring into the bridge/dance break sequence of the song.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.3/10

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