[Album Review] Grey Suit (2nd Mini Album) – SUHO (EXO)

As alluded earlier this week through my review of Hurdle, I will be reviewing SUHO’s most recent album, his first release since completing his military enlistment last year. Titled Grey Suit, this is SUHO’s second mini-album and was released back in March of this year. Alongside Hurdle, the mini-album also features the title track Grey Suit (links below) and four other side tracks.

It was extremely hard for me to pick a favourite song from this mini-album. All the songs on Grey Suit were top notch and very strong contenders for perfect rankings. I only ended up handing out one perfect 10/10, after considering the songs side by side. But Grey Suit probably has to be one of the best sounding albums I have reviewed thus far this year. Continue reading to see more of my thoughts on the album.

Grey Suit Album Cover

1. Morning Star – I really liked the way the song opened up and eased us in. It was a fantastic way to open up the album and left such a strong impression on me. I really enjoyed the laidback and softer nature of this rock style. Despite the softer tone, however, Morning Star still proves to be a jam with its upbeat and energetic nature, making the song perfect for a road trip. SUHO’s vocals are so light and delicate in this song, complementing the instrumental. Morning Star starts the album on an extremely positive note. (10/10)

2. Grey Suit (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Grey Suit. (8/10)

3. HurdleClick here to read the full review for Hurdle. (9/10)

4. Decanting – SUHO continues to impress with Decanting. But this time around, SUHO revisits the slow side of the album with a ballad and R&B hybrid. I love the slow nature of this song, as it feels very sensual and deliberate. The electric guitar riffs that we get in Decanting helps drive this. SUHO himself sounds loaded with emotion, but maintains a tone that compliments the sensual nature of this song. Decanting doesn’t jump out at me straight away as a standout track, but it definitely builds towards being a strong track. (8/10)

5. Bear Hug (이리 溫)Bear Hug is a ballad. And this ballad really put SUHO’s vocals into the limelight. His vocals really soar in Bear Hug to impressive levels that we don’t see elsewhere on this album (or within his parts in EXO’s works). The combination between the slow rock and classical instrumentation was very beautiful and sets a stunning backdrop to the song. I love the swayable melody of this song, as it is very drifty and captivating. (8.5/10)

6. Moment (75분의 1초) – Final song on the album is Moment, a rock ballad that feels like an appropriate closer for this mini-album. Again, great vocalization from SUHO himself. And the instrumental was quite pleasant and neat, for the most part. But this does change towards the end of the album. Moment definitely peaks at the end and this turns the background into a stunning piece. The violins in this section really shocked me (in a good way), while there was also some clashing of cymbals. All of this heightened the ending of the song, finishing the album on a very positive note. (9/10)

Overall Album Review – 8.8/10

Grey Suit Teaser Image

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