[Review] Grey Suit – Suho (EXO)

Starting off this week is SUHO, who makes his long awaited solo comeback with Grey Suit, the title of both his second mini-album and title track. This is the first time we are hearing from SUHO after his solo debut back in 2020 with Let’s Love and Self Portrait. Following his solo debut, SUHO enlisted into the Korean military and recently completed his civic duty back in February of this year.

I quite enjoyed Grey Suit as it is. The slow and soft rock style of the song is totally up my alley. And I found that there was a lot to like about the song. Within Grey Suit, SUHO showcases divine yet emotionally loaded vocals that are just so captivating. Within the delivery of Grey Suit, I found that SUHO brought a hint of huskiness to some parts of the song to give it a really welcoming texture, while there was also a presence of a higher tone during the bridge and chorus that sounds charming and heavenly. All of which helped emphasise and reiterate the pleasant side of Grey Suit. The melodies in which SUHO brings to life in Grey Suit are drifty and gives off that swaying effect I commonly refer to when I review ballads. As for the instrumentation, I liked how it clearly differentiates the different parts of the song by amping up the background and playing with the intensity. It is quite appreciable, especially when there are a number of recently released songs that blur the different parts together (in some case, too much). I guess it is the small things that ultimately win me over. I did feel that Grey Suit could have been a bit more adventurous. I did notice that there was some backing ‘spoken words’ that resembled a bit of rapping for me. I think this could have brought an interesting dynamic to the song and given Grey Suit a bit of uniqueness. But overall, a nice track.

There really isn’t much going on other than SUHO feeling grey throughout the entire video, which is the whole point of the song. I quite liked the idea of the closet full of grey suits. Your outfit is where you would bring out the colour from within you (i.e. your mood, your personality etc.), and grey is usually a used to depict emptiness and plainness. To reiterate the emotions he is feeling, I noticed that the colours are glitchy around SUHO at first, to represent the conflicting emotions. But this also suggests that it is something that can be changed and it is most likely one’s outlook is preventing from experiencing the colours again. At the end of the video, when SUHO escapes the wardrobe, you will notice the colour is consistent and confirms that he had moved on from post-breakup emotions. I also like how they managed to also bring the band into the video, which works extremely well with the rock sound.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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