[Review] FOREVER 1 – Girls’ Generation

Please excuse my absence over last Friday and the weekend (the album reviews that did get posted were actually scheduled whilst I was away). As a result of my absence over Friday and the weekend, I have been unable to review one major release from last week in a timely manner. I am talking none other than the legendary Girls’ Generation (or SNSD). After a five year hiatus, Girls’ Generation has returned to celebrate their 15th anniversary as a group with the release of FOREVER 1, the title of both their lead track and 7th studio length album. Their last comeback was back in 2017 with the duo All Night and Holiday.

For me, FOREVER 1 is another track that I would describe as extremely pleasant. It hits all the right nostalgic points for me, especially when I hear the individual members in the same song. Needless to say, I was smiling my way through FOREVER 1 from the first listen and throughout the weekend. The melodies and lyrics all had a heart warming and comforting tinge that made me fall for the song, which I am sure was the intention of the producers behind FOREVER 1. It also makes sense to have these feelings and emotions come about, given that FOREVER 1 appears to be a song that thanks their fans. The pop instrumental is very euphoric, which helps heighten those emotions I had already mentioned and gives off a modern/trendy background to the group’s return. This just means that Girls’ Generation is quite adaptable to the changing landscape of KPOP, as five years has a very big difference. My only critic about FOREVER 1 are the hooks. What we got in terms of a chorus was quite smooth and enjoyable already, with that heart warming tinge I mentioned before being the most prevalent during the chorus and was enough to win me over. And I know the direction in which FOREVER 1 heads in doesn’t call for super catchy hooks that become the focal and trendy part of the song. But compared with Girls’ Generation’s past releases (even their last release before this one), FOREVER 1 lacks in the memorability department. That being said, I can overlook that small lacking aspect and still enjoy the likes of FOREVER 1 and Girls’ Generation’s return.

I kind of wished the music video was a bit more than just what we got. After all, it is Girls’ Generation we are talking about! But given the limitations of the song (i.e. pleasantries doesn’t really allow for a wow factor or something dramatic), I understand why the video had a straight forward standard/plain approach. Aside from that, it was still a bright and colourful video, something that I would expect from Girls’ Generation in some shape or form. And the members look stunning throughout. I liked how the video shows each individual member going on their separate journeys – from acting to modelling to singing careers. There were also some shots of Tiffany on the plane, representing that some members went global! During their solo scenes, the members looks glamourous and refined. But in the end, they all come together to be part of Girls’ Generation. And the outfits during the choreography shots reminded me of their past outfits they have worn on stage (particularly, the sailor coloured/patterns ones), invoking a tidal wave of nostalgia, once again, on me.

The choreography looks great from what I could see from the music video. There really isn’t much to say unfortunately in this department, other than the performance looks like it fits the pleasant nature of the song really well. I am excited to see the group perform on stage later this week nonetheless.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.7/10

6 thoughts on “[Review] FOREVER 1 – Girls’ Generation

  1. Hey, no worries on doing these reviews so late. I hope you moving out as been going well for you!

    I agree SNSD did a good job in adapting to the current sound (the cute-europhic sound) given how they were absent for quite a while. And that’s cool the MV shows each of the members’ careers! I didn’t know that until you pointied it out.

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