[Album Review] Real Love (2nd Studio Album) – Oh My Girl

Next up on the album review chopping block is Real Love, Oh My Girl’s second studio length album since their debut. It was released at the end of March. Leading the album is the title track that shares the same name as the album and features an additional eight tracks. While the release of Real Love is all good news to fans, Real Love also is the final release to feature Jiho as a member, who left the group and their company (WM Entertainment for those who are wondering) following the album’s release and associated promotions following the completion of her contract. All the best to Jiho for her future endeavours and to Oh My Girl as they reform into a six member group.

When I was writing this review, I was wondering how I would best sum it up for you in this initial paragraph. And my best idea was to describe as an ‘pleasant experimentation’. It sounds odd, but it actually the hybrid of two different styles Oh My Girl had attempted on Real Love. There are a handful of songs that I actually describe (repetitively) as pleasant, while there were also a handful of songs that were experimental, unique and different from other artists. Do you have any other ways to describe the album? Let me know in the comments below once you have finished reading my review for Real Love.

Real Love Album Cover

1. Real Love (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Real Love. (8/10)

2. Drip – If you were listening to the song for the first time, you would have noticed that there were so many twists throughout Drip. You wouldn’t know where the song is heading, so it keeps you on the edge of your seat. This style might be disjointed, complicated and overwhelming for some, but I really liked it. This pop song’s chorus featured catchy hooks and the verses were felt fashionably sleek. I think there was room for the group to be bolder in some of the segments as some of them were relative forgettable, but it is a great track nonetheless. (8/10)

3. Eden – Acoustics opens up the pleasant sounding Eden, paired with such soft vocals from some of the members. But Eden doesn’t stay acoustic all the way through. Synths are eased in and Eden features an interestingly paced pre-chorus, before proceeding to a glitchy chorus. It is so intriguing that the synths and glitchy chorus doesn’t detract from Eden’s soft and pleasant beginning. It is different overall, but so enjoyable at the same time. The song repeats the same set up of verse, pre-chorus and chorus as described above. But after all this time, Eden still sounds refreshing and original after all this time. (10/10)

4. ReplayReplay forgoes melodies, but brings the bass and rhythm in this freaking amazing song. Replay brings forth voguing vibe, which I believe the group has previously approached in another side track from the top of my memory. But Replay feels just right for a club and/or party. Its groovy, its attitude/sassy and its sleek. And it is super catchy and memorable as a side track on this album. (10/10)

5. Parachute Parachute feels like it easily could have traded places with Real Love as it too delves into the disco pop genre. While the instrumental was great (I enjoyed the buoyancy the steelpan brought to the instrumental), I did feel the vocals was pretty generic and didn’t bring much excitement. Real Love played around with the vocals, which helped make it interesting for me, whereas Parachute was pretty straight forward. It is slightly disappointing that the vocals weren’t as memorable, as I felt the hooks were. (7/10)

6. Kiss & FixKiss & Fix is another pleasant and soft track on this album. I liked the soft drumming in the instrumentation, as it helps sets the soft tone of the track. The vocals also help out with this. The best showing of vocals comes from Binne and YooA in the bridge. That part of the song floored me. The chorus goes with this nursery-rhyme-chant-esque style which was memorable and easy on the ears. Another great track on the album. (9/10)

7. Blink – Turning to pop, Blink is a nice track. It has pleasant instrumentations that doesn’t catch you off guard or overwhelm you by being excessive. I enjoyed the underlaying guitar in this song. It felt hidden, but it peeked out enough for me to recognise it. The melodies and vocals were nice and enjoyable, as well. The rapping changes up the momentum just enough and at the right time to keep the song from falling into a ‘too consistent’ state. All is good with Blink. (8/10)

8. Dear RoseDear Rose is another pleasant track, even though the instrumental and rapping might not be in agreeance with this observation at first glance. I attribute the pleasantness to the vocals, which were quite soft and doesn’t ever stray from how it the song first started. I also find the softness might have come about from another nursery rhyme-like melody that the lyrics were delivered in. The ‘Pretty Little Rose’ hook was quite catchy as well. As for the instrumental, we get dance synths suitable for the club. And the rapping added an edgy tinge to the Dear Rose. Quite the opposite of soft, but somehow Dear Rose makes it work. (8.5/10)

9. Sailing Heart – The album ends with a stunning ballad. I liked the pulsing bass in the background, which added so much depth to the song. Sailing Heart also features a piano-centric instrumental. And the warm and drifty vocals lays on top. Interestingly, Sailing Heart doesn’t have a swayable melody, as the ad-libs were added throughout the song. But that doesn’t instantly mean it is not good. Sailing Heart still managed to captivate and end the album on such a dreamy note. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.5/10

Real Love Teaser Image

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